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Harming me and my family will not bring the money back

Head of alleged Ponzi scheme tells attackers…

Executives of alleged Ponzi scheme – Yuri Garcia-Dominguez and his wife, Ateeka Ishmael

Kaieteur News – During an appearance as a guest on a social media news network, Big Smith News Watch, alleged Ponzi scheme activist Yuri Garcia-Dominguez, said yesterday that harming him or his family will not bring the money back.
Garcia-Dominguez and his wife, Ateeka Ishmael, are the princes of Accelerated Capital Firm Inc (ACF), a company that allegedly swallowed at least 17,000 Guyanese of about $ 4B.
On Wednesday, around 9pm, three gunmen showed up at a house located at Coldingen Track ‘A’, Demerara East Coast (ECD), and opened fire.
According to police, Garcia-Dominguez occupied the lower apartment of the property he rented from a businessman, Aubrey Norton, 42.
That attack is believed to have been aimed at sending Garcia-Dominguez a warning to repay money to thousands of people who invested in his company.
CCTV footage showed three men — two of them dressed in hoodies — leaving a dark-colored car and walking up to the house. They whipped out handguns and shot at the building before returning to the car and leaving.
Norton lives in the upper apartment of the house with his wife and has told cops they were both watching TV when they heard the loud explosions. They were forced to seek cover.
Garcia-Dominguez and his family were not home at the time, however. When interviewed on Big Smith News Watch, Garcia-Dominguez said they were in a meeting with his legal team.
Speaking during the live interview, his landlord claimed he is not staying there.
However, Garcia-Dominguez insisted he would like to send a message to whoever might want to harm him. “No harm to me or my family will bring the money back”.
Garcia-Dominguez added that he had been receiving numerous threats on his life.
“I’ve received messages and said that if I don’t pay back the money, they will hurt me,”
he said.
Garcia-Dominguez pleaded with the public to refrain from the violence and said it was not robbery.
He acknowledged that people are frustrated about their payments. However, attacking it will not solve the problem.
Garcia-Dominguez is currently out on bail after he and his wife were remanded in custody for multiple fraud charges – more than 80 charges.
It has since promised that it will repay all its investors. Many of those people are still paid and have reached out to Kaieteur News to vent frustration.
They labeled him fraudulent and called his promises empty and fruitless.