No offer was made to me to watch West Coast Berbice murder autopsy videos – Kaieteur News

No offer was made to me to watch West Coast Berbice’s murder autopsy videos

Dear Editor,

A report conducted in the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News on January 6th states that I was offered to view the video of the autopsy conducted on the murdered young people on the West Coast Berbice and that “the authorities are waiting for a further response from Dr. Fondebrider ”. For the benefit of your readers, I would like to make it clear that I have never received such an offer.

During my visit to Guyana, a formal meeting with the Minister was my only contact with officials since my attempts to meet the pathologist and
performed the autopsy and the Head of Crime was unsuccessful.

Since returning to Buenos Aires I have written to the Minister for Home Affairs on
December 21st, Mr. Benn, conveys to him my appreciation of the
an opportunity to meet him and offer an exchange of information. I also had a list of the Reports I would need to make a professional assessment of the murders.

I have not received any replies to these communications from any officer. In these circumstances I’m at a loss to understand when and how the offer to watch the video was made. Finally, to be clear, here is the list of documents I am requesting
analyze the forensic work undertaken in connection with the case:

Reports requested by Dr Luis Fondebrider to Guyana Police

1. Crime scene report, which should include:

a. Date and time of arrival of EPD team location
b. Name and background of the people who compose the CSI team
c. Exit the scene
ch. Scene description, size, if extended, explain why
e. Weather, temperature, vegetation
f. Map with GPS coordinates of the scene
g. Photo of scene before removal of bodies
h. A description of the methodology followed on the spot
i. Location, location and state of preservation of the bodies
j. Description of clothing and personal belongings
k. Description of fluids, such as blood, in and around the area
l. Search for fingerprints on the spot
m. Singing shoes, car tires, etc. in the area
n. Body pulled in a body bag? Protected hands and head?
o. A form of transportation used to carry the body to the mortuary
p. Description of all objects collected, how were they packaged?
q. Custody chain of all evidence (body + objects taken from scene.
r. Map of crime scene + objects + body, with exact location
s. Photos (general and detailed) + Videos

2. Criminal lab results:

a. Objects, liquids and what kind of analysis was done
b. Body samples (Toxicology, Chemistry, Histopathology, DNA)
c. Results
ch. Time for results?

3. autopsy

a. Date and time of autopsy
b. Location of mortuary
c. People present, background
ch. Starting
e. Finish
f. Time between crime scene and autopsy?
g. External analysis: results
h. Rx taken: results
i. Weight, Height
j. Health condition
k. Clothes analysis: wear? relationship between body injuries and clothing?
l. Fingerprint Analysis? Samples taken? Results
m. Analysis for Alcohol and Drugs: sample and results
n. Internal analysis: results
o. Photos from the autopsy

Dr. Luis Fondebrider
Director (EAAF)