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Our Front Line Employee of the Week is… Medical Technologist Robert Lee

“The fact that I am making a difference with the things I do in my profession has helped and even pushed me in some areas to stay committed to what I am doing do it every day. I always like to think back on the GPHC motto ‘We Care’ in my reflections to use as a catalyst for my dedication. “

By Sharmain Grainger

The year 2020 has come and gone and Guyana, like the rest of the world, is still battling the terrible COVID-19 disease that has claimed far too many lives. But this has not diminished the stamina of those in our healthcare system who have been striving hard to beat the pulp of the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. They persist, even as word of a rolling strain on the disease’s surfaces, suggesting that its rabies has not subsided yet. As such, frontline health workers, without missing a beat, have remained steadfast and confident that they will one day destroy the enemy.
Some are convinced that the advent of a vaccine here may be the answer but until then other tactics must be sufficient to protect our existence.

Medical Technologist, Robert Lee.

All in a day’s work.

Among those who have broken in fighting COVID-19 is Robert Earl Arlington Lee, Medical Technologist for the past 10 years – two at the National Public Health Reference Laboratory (NPHRL – 2011-2012) and from 2013 to attend the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
It recently revealed that its role over the past few months has ranged from assisting in the diagnosis of humans through analytical testing of nasal swabs used in the PCR testing process. This, he noted, is done to assist doctors in managing COVID positive patients admitted through blood sample analysis. In the course of his duties, Lee has learned that illnesses of this nature can affect any person and can manifest themselves in many ways.
In fact, he revealed that a friend and a few colleagues of his had tested positive since the advent of COVID-19.
As such, it is not surprising that he worries about his own safety at times. “It’s a thought that crosses my mind from time to time,” said Lee, adding, “I think if I continue to follow the guidelines … especially when at work, it will my chances of getting infected remain slim to none. . ”Lee adheres to practicing security measures such as the use of face masks, hand washing and social isolation wherever he goes.
Added to this, he is full of energy to keep going since, according to him, “it’s just the simple fact that I’m making a difference with the things I do in my profession and even pushed me in some areas to stay committed to what I do daily. I always like to think back on the GPHC motto ‘We Care’ in my reflections to use as a catalyst for my dedication. “

Robert and his wife Kezia are ready for the arrival of their first born.

Used to the world on November 26, 1989 as the eldest of two children, Lee certainly had the space to strive for extraordinary heights. His father, Dr. Wilbert A. Lee, MSM, is a retired Colonel of the Guyana Defense Force and now a Minister in the First Assembly Church of God of Wortmanville, whose mother, June Ann Lee, is a GIS Technician attached to the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission.
Like his father, Lee, who grew up in North Ruimveldt and currently lives in South Ruimveldt Gardens, has a role in the Wortmanville Assembly of God Assembly of God. The committed deacon is firmly of the belief that “the principles and teachings I receive there have certainly molded me into the kind of person I am today.”
Reflecting on his journey to becoming a career Medical Technologist, Lee said, “The choice for my current career path started back in about a third form.” He completed his secondary education at St Joseph’s High School. His educational foundation was at Starters Nursery and then St. Margaret’s. During those days he fancied playing cricket and the occasional video game.

With his supportive family.

But in high school, he revealed, “I developed a fondness for Forensic Science. This was particularly devolved through my liking for the popular TV series CSI. This show caused me to explore the path of study I should follow to become a forensic scientist. It is with this that my love of medical technology was born and has grown over the years to the point where my goal is to become a Clinical Pathologist. ”But medical technology, he admitted, was always his first professional choice.
He received his professional training at the University of Guyana from which he graduated in 2010. He also benefited from coaching at Texila American University.

In the company of a few of his colleagues.

The work of a Medical Technologist, says Lee, is of great importance in the management of patients in hospital. He explained that the field of Medical Technology includes testing and analyzing blood, body fluids and tissue samples.
He went on to state that the profession is one that supports doctors in diagnosing and managing patients. “The Role of a Medical Technologist I see as forming that connection between the patient, doctors and disease. It brings a patient’s real-time health status at any given time and could serve as a guide for doctors in their management of a patient. I see medical technology as an integral part of any hospital and it forms one of the pillars of the healthcare system, ”Lee added.
He has certainly been setting an excellent example for his younger sister, Shaunette and is a fitting life partner for his wife, Kezia, a medical practitioner who also operates out of the GPHC. Both share the same risks in their careers. Nevertheless, they are determined to grow their family. They are expecting their first born in the near future.
Despite his commitment to his family, Lee continues to focus on the role he plays as a medical technologist in the fight against COVID-19 and for this we are happy to recognize him as our ‘Frontline Worker’ Front ‘this week.