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A jubilant president, a betrayal of leadership, and now ashes

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By GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – US President Donald Trump invited fans to Washington, DC, where he turned them into a frenzy, then once affected, released them on America. The United States leader motivated them to inflict the horrific damage he inflicted. He was more than physically lost, more than distressed, and the president is the chief perpetrator, as certain as if he had killed. On the world’s largest stage, and before a shocking and repulsive global audience, Donald Trump had his moment at Times Square and Fifth Avenue. He got the theater he wants and the results, blood and wrath should be stacked on his sorry head.
The damage the president has done is the length of his legacy left to the future. Somewhere, through whatever was swirling inside his head, the pressure he was sticking and sticking to breaking point was never intended to be soothing, characterized by the peaceful, defined by the methodical . What happened at the US Capitol on Wednesday might also have been premeditated and scripted by the president. It is his master’s work, which will live with him famously for eternity. It has seriously wounded American claims to superior democracy, perhaps unsustainably.
The president – thoughtless, reckless, and dangerous – overcame the sacred institution of democracy itself, with all its sacred pillars: 200 years of national history gone puffed up by unsafe egomaniac rhetoric, with my country’s reputation rippling before a world of watching, and dragging and tearing inside the areas of one of America’s most unforgettable places for all to see. He was Homeric in the thoughtless rage of Achilles, with Hector’s deformed body bent to his chariot and racing around the square until the fury subsided.
As a Greek hero, the gods distanced America’s hubristic leader with his self-serving tales, while playing games with his mind; and today the pieces are scattered all over the place, with a nation tightening its hurt, and wondering how and why it allowed things to get out of hand. And out of hand they did with the dam burst and all the suspensions gone. It is ironic that a country, which sees it as fit to reorganize the world into its own smuggling arrogant configurations, should be brought so low.
To say that I am harassing would be to understate understatements. To say that I feel for the fallen president would be an unjustifiable iniquity. I feel for America and all the many who come from every corner of the world with hope in their hearts in pouring themselves into an idea and ideally, it just came to this. I am dismayed and disgusted that this CEO who held the most senior position in America was effectively standing as Field Marshall and the High Priest of an unfettered army of White Supremacists (who didn’t even bother to throw their neo skins -Nazis.) And revived confederates, engaged in what was not wrongly called ‘rebellion’. At the bottom, MAGA (Make America Great Again) was a code for ‘white power’ and Nordic bias. At bottom, this is not even about President Donald Trump, but about the treachery of leadership for the worst purposes, and the dirges complaining of a country beaten for leadership running amok, trust being horribly betrayed.
I have always been horribly disturbed by what I perceived to be not just a jolly person, but a predatory bigot, a keen leader. It troubled people of color and foreign origin, like me. Now the man is considered so dangerous that the Democrats want him out of his job and town right away, even though he has less than two weeks left in his term of office. Wherever that drive is headed, so much of this is clear and unequivocal: poisonous seeds are sown and are all very destructive to the present atmosphere and future prestige of the United States of America. This is the ugly record left by President Donald Trump.

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