Party Castle Candy Express is supporting GGA / Nexgen GA – Kaieteur News charity event

Party Castle Candy Express is supporting the GGA / Nexgen GA charity event

President of Guyana Golf Association and Nexgen Golf Academy Aleem Hussain receives some of the Candies from Ms Dianne Innis.

Kaieteur News – The Castle Candy Express Party has made a timely donation towards the Guyana Golf Association (GGA) / Nexgen Golf Academy charity event. At a simple ceremony held at their venue, 35 King Street, Georgetown, Owner, Ms Diane Innis presented several candies that will be donated to Hope Enmore Orphanage.
Acceptance of the gift as President of the GGA and Nexgen Golf Academy, Aleem Hussain. Innis, a Guyanese from overseas, said it was an honor to be part of the event and praised the golf association for supporting the children. “This is home; we always give back to the community. We love doing this because Guyana is where we come from and we love giving back to the underprivileged children, especially around Christmas, ”he added.
“Everyone has a sweet tooth but there is only one place to satisfy your craving, The Candy Store. It’s a magical place where the kids in you can come out and experience your sweetest fantasies. “
“The golf association is doing a great thing to help the community and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it. The aim is to help the children and I will continue to give back to the community and support the sport of golf, ”Innis said.
The businesswoman also explained that the hand-crafted candy boxes were designed to bring a smile to the children’s faces, many of which would not normally enjoy a sweet Christmas. She felt that every child should be able to taste and enjoy the delicate delicacies she chooses. Innis also felt that such initiatives can help get more children involved in the sport.
Hussain expressed his gratitude to Innis and said her efforts will help give the children an enjoyable holiday season. “The usual holiday dinner party for orphans was disrupted this year because of Covid-19 but we found a way to keep hopes alive by joining Kimberly Jaikarran of the Humanitarian Volunteer Network to help raise food donations for Christmas dinner for the Enmore Orphanage, “he said.
The Hope Orphans recently had the chance to play the sport of golf at the Academy located at Woolford Avenue. “