Pensioner dies after being cut by a Police Sergeant

A Police Sergeant, who is stationed on the Essequibo Coast, is now being arrested closely after he cut a pensioner, leading to the man’s death.

The dead man has been identified as Patrick George, 73, of Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast.

Based on information, the incident happened just around 13:45h on Sunday while the Sergeant was cleaning his yard.

The pensioner had allegedly removed a zinc sheet from a fence separating his residence from the Sergeant.

In the process, he attacked the Sergeant with a broken heart and a piece of metal.

As a result, the Sergeant, who was using a torch at the time, retaliated by cutting George, who dropped his broken heart and piece of metal, and escaped through the said zinc fence.

At approximately 10:00 hours on Monday, the Police, acting on information received, entered George’s home when they found him lying on his steps immobile with cut wounds to his forehead, wrist and chest.

The body was taken to Suddie Public Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival at a doctor. The body is now in the Charity Mortuary awaiting mailmortem.