People who deny that the COVID-19 vaccines are reckless – Dr. Ramsammy

Health Advisor Dr Leslie Ramsammy takes his COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday

Former Minister and current Health Adviser Dr Leslie Ramsammy says Guyana can only emerge from the new coronavirus pandemic if citizens adhere to the protocols and guidelines as well as take the COVID-19 vaccines.

At a recent meeting held by the COVID-19 Region Six Task Force, Health Advisor Dr Leslie Ramsammy said that those who want to make wearing face masks an option actually make living an option as well.

He pointed out that the virus is now attacking young people and making infected people sick faster.

As such, the Health Adviser noted that the continued non-compliance with the public health measures was putting people’s lives at risk, and therefore noted the need for stricter enforcement.

“So. the government has made a decision to strengthen compliance. That’s why Joint Services is now making enforcement more rigid, ”he noted.

In Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), Dr Ramsammy noted that several Neighborhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) have been making arrangements so people can get their vaccines. This is in addition to the 10 vaccination sites established throughout the region.

On Saturday Fryish / Gibraltar, Kilcoy / Chesney CDC along with the Rose Hall Town Civic will host a major community vaccination program.

Meanwhile, Port Mourant / Johns NDC, 52/74 NDC and the Corriverton Municipality are all planning similar exercises.

In Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), NDC has organized similar programs and on Friday a similar program is expected to be held at Bush lot.

“You know, our goal is to have 5,000 people vaccinated in Region Six by Saturday while Region Five, which received 2,106 people vaccinated at the end of last week, hopes to have an extra 1,500 to 2,000 be vaccinated this week, ”said the Chief Adviser.

On Friday, he added that University of Guyana (AS) staff and students, aged 40 and over, will have their COVID-19 shootings.

The outreach will take place at the two campuses in Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown and Tain, Corentyne.

Dr Ramsammy refers to people who do not want to take the vaccines as irresponsible and reckless as they endanger other lives.

“You get a chance to defend yourself and if you don’t take this opportunity then I have to say plainly that you’re being completely reckless,” he said.

On this note, Ramsammy issued an appeal to people who do not want to take the COVID-19 vaccinations to reconsider their decision.

To curb this spike in new cases of coronavirus, the government continues to aggressively roll out its COVID-19 vaccination campaign. On Thursday, the country was reported to have surpassed 50,000 vaccinations.