Pixar movie ‘Soul’ goes straight to Disney + streaming service

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Instead, Pixar’s animated film “Soul,” which was supposed to hit theaters in November, will premiere on Disney +’s streaming service on Christmas day, the Walt Disney Co. said Thursday.

“Soul” will only play in cinemas in markets where Disney + is not available, or will soon be, the company said in a statement.

There are 8. The company is trying to attract more customers to Disney +, which has signed more than 60 million subscribers worldwide.

“Over the past six months, market conditions created by the ongoing pandemic, although difficult in so many ways, have also provided an opportunity to innovate in content distribution,” Disney said in a statement.

In September, Disney’s acting epic “Mulan” skipped theaters and went straight to Disney +. In that case, the company charged Disney + subscribers an extra $ 30 to watch “Mulan.”

“Soul,” which tells the story of a music teacher whose soul is separated from his body, will be available to Disney + customers starting December 25 at no additional charge beyond the monthly subscription price .

First dates will be announced in markets where the movie will later play in theaters, Disney said.