Police are recording three more cases of sexual abuse in Region One – Kaieteur News

Police are recording another three cases of sexual abuse in Region One

Kaieteur News – Yesterday the Guyana Police (GPF) reported that there were three other cases of sexual abuse in Region One. Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous reports of child sexual abuse coming out of that Region.
According to the first report yesterday, during December 2020, a man reported engaging in sexual activity with one of his female relatives – who is a minor. The report further noted that the suspect had repeatedly raped the child.
Recently, the child was said to have trusted a female relative and the matter was immediately reported to police last Monday around 12:30 hours. The Child Care and Protection Agency (CPA) has also been contacted and has since launched an investigation into the alleged rape of the minor, while the police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.
In another police recorded report, on April 4, 2021 an elderly woman reported that she had been allegedly raped. In a brief statement on that matter, the GPF stated that a medical certificate had been issued in favor of the woman and that the suspect had been arrested and taken into custody.
The third police report recorded was the alleged sexual assault of a child under 16. The child was allegedly sexually assaulted last Monday at around 17:30 hours. Seconds after that incident, the child informed her parents and reported the matter to the police.
However, when police went to arrest the suspect there was nowhere to be found.
Last week, Regional Manager for Region One, Khalid Mandall, noted that while crime is on the decline in his area, the prevalence of child sexual abuse is of great concern. Commander Mandall made that statement during a meeting with the Director of the Force Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), Mark Ramotar; his Deputy, Stan Gouveia, and other ranks of the CCU.
Kaieteur News had previously reported on the number of underage girls allegedly raped and sexually assaulted in Region One in recent months. While police have arrested some of the alleged perpetrators, many of the suspects are still at large.