Police say there is no report of kidnapping; deal professionally with Lost People reports

See the full statement from Guyana Police:

Guyana Police have taken note of a Facebook post showing concern in relation to the number of recent Missing Person reports in the country, especially teenagers.

Guyana Police understands the concern expressed, but at the same time disputes the assertion that “this issue does not appear to be fully addressed by the Guyana Police Force.”

While the Police will do more to publicize these incidents when such reports are made, Guyana Police assures the public that it has aggressively dealt with Lost Persons reports throughout its years in terms of its actions follow-up and follow-up investigations; including that all police stations in the country are quickly informed of the reports along with the relevant information.

To strengthen its capability in relation to Missing Persons Reports, Guyana Police has established a Missing Person Unit at the Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) Headquarters with the specific responsibility of taking the lead role in investigating such cases.

Guyana Police already has a system, which is published from time to time, to receive information and suggestions on any police related matter from members of the public, in confidence, via telephone numbers specific and his Facebook page.

Furthermore, Guyana Police is also aware of another post on Facebook claiming that a series of kidnappings were taking place in Guyana.

Police are again reassuring citizens this is far from a reality and that there has been no report of any recent kidnapping received by the police.

While the call for neighbors and others to look out for each other is appreciated, pedaling this wrong information about alleged kidnapping can lead to unnecessary tension, anxiety and stress in society.

It should be noted that the incident highlighted in the post that refers to an attempted kidnapping of two women has been proven to be a false report.

Guyana Police reiterates that it has received and been dealing professionally with recent reports of Missing Persons, but not of kidnapping.

These telephone numbers are as follows:

HQ – 226-6978 / 225-8196

225-2700 / 225-6411

Region # 1 – 777-5007 / 688-7084

Region # 2 – 771-5004 / 774-4222

Region # 3 – 268-2338 / 2329

Region # 4 ‘A’ – 227-1149 / 225-3064

227-1270 / 227-1611

Region # 4 ‘B’ – 608-2284 / 2160251/0252/0253

Region # 4 ‘C’ – 229-2700-2750 / 2019

Region # 5 – 232-0313 / 232-0291

Region # 6 – 333-2151 / 333-5564

Region # 7 – 455-2222 / 2241/2238

Region # 8 – 638-8440

Region # 9 – 772-2087 / 2005

Region # 10 – 444-3429 / 444-3512 / 3297