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Government PPP plays with patient alligator


Kaieteur News – I keep calling from the desert. To the PPP government and all citizens: we are doing this the wrong way, with great national danger promised. I urge smarter heads to defeat, even as I acknowledge the futility of my efforts.
PPP leaders play with fire, when they continually push the margins. This cannot hold, and will eventually bring a lot of trouble. There is no great intensity in such jobs. Because what Guyana has can never be democratically included; in most highly volatile contexts around the world, democracy is a non-existent check, an overlooked, overriding abstraction. Most optimistically, our circumstances are that the best half of the electorate can expect is the equivalent of unacceptable oil, old age pension leaflets. At worst, it means that our racial and political demographic cultures condemn one group to the periphery forever. No leadership oath, no matter how sincere, can diminish that reality. Or the associated reflexes (and prejudices) that are simmering, threatening to improve.
Editor, I submit that we have seen such damaging leaks before. Single words are sufficient: Lusignan, Bartica, Buxton, Agricola; more distant: the Wismar, Georgetown, and East Coast corridor. We have watched anxiously when small groups (Blackie, Fineman), even an individual (Chamar) wrecked havoc; and, of course, there was the Mashramani jailbreak and the emergence of fantasy forces. Each was supposed to fight freedom and fight crime: state crimes, other crimes. My point is that all those times, participants, and events confirm something: organized and concerted resistance will present this society with the greatest risk that democratic impediments cannot neutralize, or sympathetic Americans will help overcome. Collaborate and assist, yes; challenge and reduce, I do not think.
As I see it, there is insulting and humiliating opposition. It is not of less than two elected elected representatives, but of more than 200,000 voters and their extended contacts. They are outsiders, made to feel that way, treated in that way. It may be an unfounded finding, but that is what counts, and nothing else. From an opposition perspective, currently at the largest richest awards in Guyana’s existence, its people do not even have a lotto ticket or entry slip; but there is an expectation of satisfaction from listening to government statements of how good it is (and is going to be), while they are idle in pain. Talking about belonging to this backdrop, this overheating cauldron, is heresy. A damned and dead messenger leads. Still, I persevered: no more words, just hand-to-hand actions. If it is not, we will find ourselves in the worst places. Because this fact cannot be denied: the opposition has the means, the means and the types of assets required for a challenge: it has war dogs, shoes and commitments, ingenuity and resilience. No one can remain a patient watcher while oil wealth excludes, and oil developments exclude. I don’t care about the PPP’s prospects; only the health of this society.

Lall GHK