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Preference easily deceives professionalism in Guyana


The title of my letter is taken in the background that the changes are inevitable with a change in Government administration, but the most troublesome part is when the new administration continues down the same path as the old, then where that leaves our young professionals. I have been pursuing the appointment of many government boards and although many good people are appointed, there are many deadweight who are reimbursed for political loyalty.
This brings me to the real issue at hand. One of the large utility companies advertised a few executive vacancies. I’m sure many young professionals would have been fascinated by these opportunities and applied. Behold, these vacancies were filled by people who were promised jobs under this administration and re-hired the previous people who served before changing the last administration. Even more troubling is that the head of the agency has gone back to his job, so he clearly wants the same team he served under his previous tenure.
Why is this so? What happens to our young professionals who are well qualified but not part of the social or political elite? It’s very depressing to know that you would respond to a vacancy and stand no chance of ever getting the job despite your qualifications and experiences. This great misfortune has certainly led to the ongoing brain drain our country has experienced since post-independence. Unfortunately, this practice has also found its way in the private sector as well. Not the best fit anymore, but the favorite candidate who will be promising those powers.

S. Roberts
Young professional