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Welcome to the first issue Lifestyle.

As our name suggests, this magazine looks at the Guyanese way of life. People making Guyanese livelihood, culture and traditions, food and fashion will be the focus.

Editor Cheryl Springer
Cheryl Springer

In our first issue, we take you to Sheet Anchor, a fishing village in Berbice where our writer Jannelle Williams discovered that development has distanced itself from the simple lives of these fishing folk. Their livelihood depends on them venturing out to the Berbice River and returning with fish. This has not been happening and the fishermen have highlighted various developments that they believe may be causing this, as they persevere.

In contrast, in the village of Buxton, our writer Thandeka Percival found a kite maker whose business flourished. With the influx of imported kites, the general assumption was that locally made kites were not rising as they had done in the past. Far from it; as kite maker Marvin Cole points out, business is brisk and even exports its products.

Food writer Cynthia Nelson presents a real Easter feast, looking back with nostalgia at the fasting and feasting of the Lenten and Easter seasons in her childhood. She also includes two of her original recipes with detailed instructions for achieving culinary perfection.

In a snapshot of fashion, Stacy Hope and Ashma John have allocated office attire and found it missing. They have come together and introduced fresh new ideas on a great office style that perfectly fits the Guyanese conservatism without being bleak.

This is it Stabroek News a first full-color magazine, which we like to publish quarterly and coincides with seasons and events. Available will be the excellent quality literature to which our newspaper is affiliated. The difference is that this means leisure reading and it’s free. So come with us as we explore the Guyanese way of life.