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President Trump is the most accountable


Kaieteur News – I refer to an article in another section of the media entitled, “US Ambassador Lynch:” Lawlessness and terror are always unacceptable “; those responsible for the Capitol riot will be “held accountable” (DW, January 7). I am glad that His Excellency broke her silence: Thank you, Excellency.
Now I have a problem. I am with, and for all, all the healing and upland things covered by Ambassador Lynch. Again and again, I have been impressed by how well the representatives of His Excellency have served his country (dare I say, too, my country?). Objectives are pursued through thick and thin; and regardless of the obstacles and critics, she has put her head down, stood her ground, and continued faceless. Just like that popular old commercial about a man sleeping, dreaming, and waking up with one thing and one thing only on his mind: he has to do with the donuts. So, too, has the American Ambassador followed her mandate from Washington, DC, and carried the baton of responsibility. But now I have a reality check for her and other Americans, who might think along the same lines as me.
The Ambassador spoke of what happened as “always unacceptable.” Of course it cannot, should not, and should not be any other way. In all honesty, that is the only view that Ambassador Lynch could have taken and that is reasonable and justified. In fact, even President Trump, realizing the late folly of his ways, called the crowd’s behavior “disgraceful” and “lawless.” What he has to say about anything doesn’t matter anymore. However, what our resident American Ambassador says, should be listened to, apportioned and weighed. I’ve done it all and come to a place, which I’m almost sure will make His Excellency recoil. Someone has to take responsibility for the hard part, and it might be me too, so off I go. As I share, I trust that I will not attack the sensitivity of His Excellency.
According to the article, Ambassador Lynch said those responsible will be “held accountable.” Indeed, and well said. I always want that too. But, after all is said and done, the ultimate responsibility for the disorder, loss of life, damage to property, and damage to American honor and prestige rests with only one person: the President Donald Trump. I will repeat for emphasis: President Donald Trump completely and squarely is responsible for Wednesday’s unbearable and unacceptable and scandalous arguments. He should be held accountable. He should be called to order, and then thrown to him. Even though US presidents are exempt, I would have locked it.
I tender the following series of facts and moments, as initiated by, carried out by President Donald Trump. He was deceived. The elections were rigged. They (Democrats and any dissenting Republicans) must be made to pay. Those divisive and supplemental messages repeatedly drummed into the hearts and hearts of his supporters, and they responded. He repeatedly reminded them of something big coming down on January 6 and they answered the call of their president and leader. He urged them not to be left out, and many made sure they were not; they came in planes and boats and trains and cars to Washington, DC for the big rodeo and bar-b-que last Wednesday to support their president and receive a last-minute shot in the arm from him. Done!
On Wednesday, Jan. 6, President Donald Trump encouraged, electrified, and galvanized his incense base in attendance. Then, satisfied with his handiwork and ready for war, he stepped back and released war dogs. To Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch, and the rest of the world, I have nothing to say and humbly say: the one – the only one – to be “held accountable.” I will rest my case. I, too, have many pieces to lift from this pitiful, pitiful earth. It contains the pieces of me that have to be painfully put back together again.

Lall GHK