Labor Minister Joseph Hamilton during his visit to Landersville, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice)

Labor Minister Joseph Hamilton has urged residents of Landersville, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), to look for ways to qualify themselves in order to further develop their hometown and improve their livelihoods.
He was at that time on community outreach. He added that residents should take advantage of the various programs offered by the Government.
These include the 20,000 scholarship initiative as well as programs offered by the Industrial Training Board (BIT) and other Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.
Hamilton noted that Guyana was developing at a rapid pace and that people would need to be competent in order to be meaningfully employed.
“We have contacted TVET Council, which has linked with TVET Caribbean … People can be certified and accredited – it means you can work anywhere in the Caribbean … my fear is my concern is … if we are not accredited and certified people, a guy is going to bring someone to put down a toilet bowl in Guyana…, ”he said.
According to Hamilton, there are plans to introduce more programs through BIT and TVET that will re-skill retired people.
There will also be programs to train the unskilled, including youth and women.
“We will 1) train people who do not have the skill and equip them to ensure that we can retrain people who can be accredited and certified. Certification and accreditation – if Guyanese don’t have it very quickly, other people will come to this country and work for more money than us and all we do is cry and scream, ”the Minister asked .
She also encouraged Landersville residents to come up with ideas for training programs that would benefit themselves and the community as a whole.
These programs would then be offered to the Ministry.
“Whatever program you do, BIT will provide all the materials for the training … the program is free … them [ the students] you don’t have to bring materials to make the programs … when we bring this here, you own it and you have to do everything to protect it …, “Minister Hamilton explained.
He further encouraged residents to familiarize themselves with opportunities in Guyana, so that they could also benefit from loans and grants to venture out into economic activities.
In line with the manifesto promise of introducing 20,000 scholarships within its first term of office, the People’s Progressive Party / Civic Party (PPP / C) Government has opened the application process for people to apply in a number of disciplines.
Since taking up his post in August 2020, the PPP / C Ministry has announced over 445 scholarships for local and international studies in February, totaling more than $ 80 million. Public Services Minister Sonia Parag had informed the National Assembly that a total of 39 scholarships were awarded locally, totaling some $ 16.1 million. This includes some 34 scholarships to the University of Guyana (AS) up to $ 13.2 million.
Three scholarships were also given for the Guyana School of Agriculture, totaling some $ 855,000. In addition, one scholarship each for Art Williams and Harry Wendt Aeronautical School and Texila American University was announced up to $ 880,000 and $ 1,100,000 respectively.

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