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Racists hide their racism by calling others racist

Kaieteur News – AS Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr Mellissa Ifill, joined Lincoln Lewis to publish a letter with a title containing the words, “Freddie Kissoon is obsessed with African Guyanese.” Lewis and Dr. Ifill has even produced a modicum of evidence about this obsession and there is no attempt to clarify the determinants of this obsession.
Of course both people think Guyanese are fools. If Pakistanis support strict elections in Guyana, then someone’s critical pen will be pointed at Pakistanis and not Barbadians. The fury of Lewis and Dr. Against me because I used my enclosure against some African Guyanese who wanted to destroy this country through their support for a rigid election and paved the way for the permanent control of one type of people where the government will not no longer changing hands like when the PPP lost in 2010 and 2015.
Why are Lewis and Dr. If you thought I was obsessed with Black Guyanese because I exposed both people for their protection from election rigging. I did a column on Lewis yesterday, so I’ll dedicate the rest of the space to Dr. Ifill. In her letter yesterday, I threw all sorts of things at me. Having been a social activist for over 50 years, I am immune to the abuse that people like Dr. Ifill assigns it to me. They never stopped me and never will. It’s foolish if they think personalized attacks will scare me. Maybe I could be stopped but not by people like Dr. Mellissa Ifill.
First, I don’t know why Dr. If anyone thought I would believe her when she wrote, “I will forever fight racism, I will always be an ally and supporter of any group that seeks and fights for equality and justice in their particular places. “My experience of living in Guyana is that the most non-racist words come out of the mouths of racist people. That’s common, of course, as they have to wear their mask. I don’t know if I should say that Dr. Funny or stupid or hypocritical when she boasts about her willingness to be a supporter of any group fighting for justice and equality.
Dr. Ifill fight hundreds of thousands of Guyanese who wanted their votes counted so that Guyana can get justice. In her insult hurled at me, she forgot to mention that she was fighting against the international observers who wanted justice for the Guyanese people. Dr. Failed Just to mention she accused the international observers in her Facebook posts of buying PPP propaganda. Those observers included two former Caribbean Prime Ministers, who I should mention in the context of Dr.’s hypocrisy. If they were African-West Indian.
Dr. Failed Just to mention that she stood against hundreds of thousands of Guyanese who literally begged the GECOM chairman to do the right thing and prevent Mingo and Lowenfield from rigging the election. Early support was reported. Ifill to Singh in April in the Chronicle with her photo.
In her interview with the Chronicle, Dr. If she is not aware that Ms Singh has shown any partisanship and she, Dr. Ifill, proud of what Singh was doing. Had Singh acted decisively, Guyana would not have achieved a world record in modern history of taking five months to declare election results where only 440,000 votes were counted.
If equality and justice appeared before Dr. If as a huge dinosaur she wouldn’t recognize it. The same Dr. Ifill was constantly posting loving words for Roxanne Myers on her Facebook after she was accused of criminal behavior as Deputy Chief Election Officer. When Myers’ behavior for five months was graphic for the world to see, Dr. Ifill looks elsewhere.
Dr. If she diatribe on me by saying she wishes me luck in angling me for relevance, friends and earnings. In my column on it last Tuesday, I lamented how sad it is when educated people display enormous ignorance. If I wanted friends, I would have stopped writing a long time ago so that people like Dr. wouldn’t. Ifill writes nasty things about me.
In relation to relevance, people like Dr. Ifles that make me relevant. I will continue to be relevant when people like Dr. Ifill supports rigid elections, defends people like Roxanne Myers and insults former CARICOM Prime Ministers. Finally, Dr. If they thought I was fishing for earnings. If I were then I would have closed my mouth at AS so Dr. If anyone had to pick me up after I was made redundant. Finally, Dr. If she was proud to be Black. I am color blind which is why I support free and fair elections in my country.

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