Ramps is acquiring land for a significant expansion of oil support services

Having recently purchased land on Demerara’s East bank and East Coast, Trinidad and Tobago headquarters Ramps is planning to significantly expand its oil and gas support services here and hopes to set up a non-export zone in the future of Guyana’s catapult as a hub for the export of equipment and services, especially to the region.

“One of the key things we feel is important for Guyana is to develop a free zone that will allow oil and gas service companies to bring equipment and perform operations here in Guyana. In addition, we can export those equipment and services, especially to Trinidad in Suriname. We hope this property will play a key role in supporting the export of oil and gas services from Guyana, ”the company said through its Communications Supervisor, Kadelia Achille, in response to questions from the Stabroek News.