Randy Fredericks’ Tips for Christmas Decoration

1. Have a budget – In these times you need to know how much you’re prepared to spend, so you don’t get over it and eat ramen for Christmas in a beautifully decorated home .

2. Have a concept – Find colors that complement what you already have in your home. Try not to go with colors that would look too dark or confusing.

3. Reinstall – Look around for cheap replacement items, maybe a door wreath can be used as a focal point. Think outside the box.

4. Do your research – Check online or in magazines for ideas of Christmas decorations that you like and can duplicate or make a little more personal. Spending a few minutes to understand how to do what you want can save you time and money.

5. Get the family involved – At this time everyone is busy and trying to make some extra money. But don’t forget that Christmas is about family time. Use this time to bond and if you can, ask everyone to join. Creating these memories for your kids is something that would last much longer than how good your home looks on Christmas morning. There is a deeper sense of pride when you know you have played a part in making something beautiful.