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Rare kite flying activities in Regions One and Three

Adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, this young man was seen flying his kite in front of his Demerara West Coast residence.

In the midst of the pandemic, this little girl, with her colorful kite, appeared particularly joyful yesterday.

Few Mabaruma residents flew their kites yesterday.

Kaieteur News – In Region Three, especially on the West Coast of Demerara, kite flying activities were scarce. In fact, some people described the day as particularly boring despite the fact that they took some time to fly a kite even if only to be photographed to add to their social media timeline.
The atmosphere was much the same in hinterland Regions, according to reports reached by this newspaper. Some people there admitted that observing this year’s Easter Monday was nothing like previous years.
According to reports as well, those who decided to go out and fly their kites took the necessary precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19. This was encouraged as police ranks were out in numbers yesterday across the country to monitor the activities.
Speaking to Kaieteur News, a resident of Barimanobo village in Mabaruma, Region One said that while it is the norm for families to participate in kite flying activities in their numbers, only a few came out. Those who came out did so in small groups, this announcement was made known. Events held as part of the Easter Monday detention, which were adhered to, were only allowed 40 percent capacity, according to reports.