Repeat 2020 – the year of Guyanese dance music

It’s not a lie that we have had an exciting year in 2020, with learning to adapt to the “new normal” and coexisting with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). However, despite all the challenges and obstacles, Guyana and the rest world watched as new talents and artists reached the big (mostly virtual) stages.
In the year 2020, we have seen artists like ‘C Kush’, ‘Gully Ras’, Drew Thoven, Mafi and many others have been finding alternative ways during the pandemic to pivot and prosper.
The year has also seen some new faces on the block, one of those fresh faces being 20-year-old Quacey Welcome, better known as Jay Supreme, who describes himself as a versatile lyricist.
Croeso, who hails from New Amsterdam, stated that he lives by the idea that he can do anything he puts his mind to by working hard. “I think hard work brings success in creating music and chasing my goals,” he said.

Drew Thoven, Gully Ras and Kareem ‘C-kush’ Lewis

Like many young artists, Croeso began making music during his high school days during his days at Berbice Educational Institute.
The young man told the Buzz that he would often offer words in his head during his spare time or whenever he was doing household chores.
Another new kid on the block was Burris Anthony Griffith, 22, commonly known as “Limyt”. Griffith, who hails from “Cow Dam” (Angoy’s Avenue) in Berbice, told the Buzz that his talent and determination are unlimited.

Griffith started music at a young age, just as he entered high school with his peers. “I started music since I was in Grade Seven [Form One] where I would have had solo games in the streets and school for money … I always loved music, it never seems to come out of me. I try to put music behind but I always seem to put it first again, ”he explained.
The young man, who admitted to being a bit of a rebel in his school days, revealed that his teachers and friends would always tell him about the old Guyanese saying “you have no limit” whenever he misbehaved or say something out of line, giving it its stage name ‘Limyt’.

However, the highlight of the year was with the works of popular music producer Drew Thoven, DJ turned into artiste, Ceon LaRose better known as ‘Gully Ras’ and artiste Kareem “cKush” Lewis, who took the dance world in a storm with their collaborations.
Drew Thoven in an earlier interview had said that while this time is one that has serious health concerns, the country’s current atmosphere does not mock it, but rather it is driven by the challenge it poses to his creativity.
“My approach to this pandemic is not negative, apart from the health factor. But the fact that you either ride the wave or are left behind, is exciting to me. It’s pushing me to be productive in a very unproductive environment, so this is a really exciting time for me, ”Drew told ‘The Buzz’.
During the pandemic, Thoven has produced several songs featuring Guyanese artists who to this day still tend and make waves for the Guyanese music industry.