Response to GHK Lall – Kaieteur News

Response to GHK Lall

Dear Editor,

I feel compelled to push back against GHK Lall’s quasi-communiqué on December 21, 2020— “Help that is definitely needed,” in your esteemed Kaieteur News.
Again, Mr. Lall appears to have a monopoly on wisdom and thus deportation in poly-syllable neurosis, without distortion of facts. His attempt to proselytize on situations beyond his conscious understanding, is at best focused, in his spectacular efforts to incite chaos and hysteria.
Clearly, his quote about President Ali promising a “full investigation” into the Cotton Tree murder, Mr Lall lamented that Dr. Ali dragging his feet (my words) by challenging the flap on the GPF is Mr Lall’s Inferno Dante.
The political actors who flew into the area extended and influenced / tried to influence the vulnerable and emotionally annoying Henry family and marginal friends, neighbors, etc., to act in certain morals with certainty to produce negative results. Mr Lall neglected to mention that due to the encouragement of the provocateurs who created an extended delay time; the crime scene was further compromised thereby placing an undue burden on the GPF.
Collecting forensic evidence is just as careful as it is thorough. In order to convict, the evidence presented will have to be convincing beyond a shadow of doubt and the burden of proof lies firmly in the eyes of the prosecution team and the investigating branch of the GPF. Defense attorneys are trained to sharpen the instruction and read for even the slightest misdirections and will tear up the entire fabric of the prosecutor’s presentation in order to otherwise influence / convince a jury, thereby convicting their clients .
What is significant to understand is that Mr Lall was trying to recreate a tempest in a teapot by insisting that this government be static in Henry’s investigations.
This administration is trying to clean up the inherited Augean Stable and the President wears many hats, at the same time, and delegating authority is a productive association within any administration.
Failure to misquote GPF’s role in the investigation appears to have created a crisis of confidence. The disenfranchisement of President Ali’s religious persuasions, Mr. Lall, is an apparent eternal threat to your perfume, even though you are kenosis.
Mr. Lall, sir, again, minds are full of factual information and squarely belong to the op-ed department and one has to wonder which one you are? The marionette or the master?

Jonathan Subrian Esq.