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Response to GHK Lall

Season’s Greetings to you and all Kaieteur staff!
The December 20, 2020 GHK Lall epistle is referenced in your August newspaper. Although Mr Lall waxed lyrical, on two perceived points, his records are not even supported by a piece of fact, his extrapolation and exploitation of public sentiment on sensitive issues, creates a state of over-thinking of supplemental concern that can lead to itchy negatives and twitchy results.
As a caveat, I have no ax to grind with Mr Lall as I do not know him but to Mr Lall’s initial tiredness of the two Guyanese mad men resigning from NICIL, I am a little annoyed by the adulterous reasons he offered. Admittedly, on October 17, 2020, when Mr. Nigel Hinds resigned from NICIL, he stated his ethical values ​​and more (which are in the public domain, no bombshell, Mr. Lall). However, on December 16, 2020, when Mr. Christopher Ram resigned from NICIL, he did not, decisively, reveal his reasons. Based on the above known facts, I must ask Mr. Lall whether he had an exclusive interview with Mr. Ram and / or Mr Hinds where he was disclosed extenuating circumstances and, he, Mr Lall, created a comparison. analysis matrix to arrive at its pronunciations. If Mr Lall answered in the negative, the public should question whether Mr Lall had an epiphany. Humor us, everyone, Mr. Lall. The public deserve to question the accuracy of your statement and a mandatory response will be optimal in case your statement is dismissed as bombastic and / or cheap.
Your second assertion that President Irfaan Ali is following a scripted narrative is pointless and convincing because, again, it is devoid of obvious facts but overflowing with abstractions and quite foggy, at best . Boosting your Machiavellian mask and existing sesquipedalian language and contradictory comments are like a harbinger of doom, and trying to run a “schmear” campaign against Dr. government. Irfaan Ali is quite arrogant and contumelious. Learned as you might be (I don’t know if you are) you, Sir, are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts. The English Philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1842) concludes that “the greatest good of the greatest” is as close as one can get to utopia. That utilitarian statement is impractical to this day and evident in the momentum and trajectory of President Ali’s government for a better Guyana for ALL Guyanese.
Mr Lall, reflect on the aphorism, “It would be necessary to cut a few eggs to make an omelette”. Perhaps, it will have some soothing comfort to your storytelling mind.
Yuletide Greetings to everyone!

Jonathan Subrian Esq.