Namilco Thunderbolt’s Rose Hall Town first division team is widely regarded as one of the best first division teams in Guyana, and over the past two years, has dominated the game in Ancient County. The 2019 team won all the first division tournaments in Ancient County, while the Namilco Thunderbolt Flour Under-21 RHT team won the 2019 postponed 2019 tournaments after defeating arch-rivals Albion by seven wickets in early March.

RHTY & SC Assistant Secretary / CEO Simon Naidu hands over gift to Dr. Cecil Beharry, President of CC Rose Hall Canje

Under the control of Organizing Secretary Rabindranauth Kissoonlall and Assistant Secretary / CEO Simon Naidu, both teams continue to make a positive difference as part of their personal development program. One of the requirements of being a member of Rose Hall Youth and Town Sports Club is that all members will be involved in social work and community development, in order to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
The two teams last Tuesday completed the 250th mandatory activity for the club for 2021 by handing out three special prizes for holding a fundraising raffle by the Rose Hall Canje Cricket Team. The prizes were electric mixer, electric iron and electric kettle.
RH Canje Community Center Cricket Club is led by Dr. Cecil Beharry, participates in all tournaments organized by the vibrant Berbice Cricket Board. Dr. noted that Beharry, in accepting the donation, said that the club sometimes finds it difficult to play in all the tournaments due to the cost of balls and transport.
The Club, revealed plays at Under 13, Under 15, Under 17, Under 19, Under 21, Second Division, Inner Zone and First Division levels. In addition, the CCMNR has several active female cricketers playing in the New Amsterdam / Canje Zone team.
Beharry expressed his gratitude to the Namilco Thunderbolt teams for their assistance. He noted that his club receives a wide range of support from the club and the Berbice Cricket Board, which includes scorebooks, catch cribs, cricket balls, colored uniforms, cricket gears, educational materials, bikes and trophies, among other things.
Secretary / CEO Hilbert Foster, who is also President of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), noted the efforts of Namilco’s Thunderbolt Flour teams to assist their peers, and noted that RHTY & SC strongly believes in assisting other clubs. This, he said, is to help every youngster in the county achieve their dream of becoming a professional cricketer.
Foster also revealed that, in 2021, the team donated over $ 1M worth of items to Berbice clubs, including cricket balls, sticks, gears, scorebooks and trophies. Both teams would also introduce bikes to less fortunate teens in early May, while they also plan to distribute hundreds of food hampers for Mother and Father’s days in May and June respectively.
The teams recently distributed $ 300,000 worth of kites across Guyana. Last year, the RHTY & SC’s ten cricket teams distributed over ten thousand food hampers as part of their COVID-19 joint response program.
RHT Namilco’s Thunderbolt Flour Team includes Kevin Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson, Royston Crandon, Clinton Pestano, Shemaine Campbelle, Sheneta Grimmond, Shabika Gajnabi, Junior Sinclair, Eon Hooper, Jason Sinclair, Delbert Hicks, Khemraj Mahadeo, Keon Sinclair, Keith Simpson and Shawn Pereira.

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