– exceeded the target of 700 activities

Although the COVID-19 pandemic forced most youth and sports organizations to close their doors, Rose Hall, MS Town and Youth Sports Club was still able to complete a highly successful 2020, and even exceeded its original target of 700 activities. .

Prime Minister Mark Phillips receives top RHTY & SC award

Club Secretary / CEO Hilbert Foster has said that the club has adopted a policy of strict adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines for its membership and management, while doubling efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of the club those badly affected by the pandemic.
A total of 707 activities were completed under the headings of sport, coaching, educational, charitable, religious, youth development, social, community development, personal development, publications, anti-alcohol, anti-tobacco, anti-suicide and anti-crime, among others.

Giving Cricket gears to youngsters in Linden

Activities completed in 2020 were 36 less than the 743 achieved in 2019, but Foster said Management is still pleased, as RHTY & SC had a 6-week break when the pandemic began in early month March.
RHTY & SC, MS cricket teams did quite well in the first two months of the year, winning the 20/20 Nand Persaud Ladies tournament, Natasha Gangoo Tribute Trophy, BCB / Busta Champions Champion, BCB / Stag Beer 50 Overs, the 20/20 BCB / Ivan Madray Memorial tournament, and the 20/20 Lower Corentyne Let’s Bet Sports league.

Namilco’s First Division team stand after winning the 50-over Stag Beer title

They were also runners-up in the Ramnaresh Sarwan Under-17 tournament and the Raffik Construction 100-ball Cup. The Namilco Thunderbolt Flour first division team has also reached the semi-finals of the two-day Banks Beer first-division tournament so far, while the other teams have reached the quarter-finals of the New Building Society’s 40-over tournament, the Elizabeth Styles Under 21 finals and the overall final of the Let’s Bet Sports county tournament.
Kevin Sinclair made his first appearance at first-class level for Guyana, having made a memorable first appearance for the New West Indies Team at the CWI one-day level.
Kevlon Anderson represented the highly talented West Indies in the ICC Under-19 World Cup, scoring 103 against Scotland in a warm match and 86 not out against England in an impressive tour.

Rose Hall Town Public Beach Cleanup

Sheneta Grimmond and Shemaine Campbelle toured Australia in February with the West Indies World Cup squad, while fellow club Shabika Gajnabi joined them on a trip to England in September. Gajnabi captained Berbice to the GCB women’s championship, and was joined by club friends Erva Giddings, Plaffina Millington, Marian Samaroo, Oma Matadin, Kimmone Thomas, Trisha Hardat, Dian Prahalad, Sherika Campbelle and Aleema Arokium.
Christopher Deroop, Nyron Hicks, Matthew Pottaya, Jonathan Rampersaud, Mahendra Gopilall and Jeremy Sandia represented Berbice during a smaller GCB junior inter-county season. All of RHTYSC’s official cricket sponsors – Poonai Pharmacy, Farfan & Mendes Ltd, Bakewell, Pepsi, Metro Office Supplies and Namilco, renewed their sponsorship during the year at a combined cost of $ 1.4M.
Club Member Esuan Crandon continued to serve Guyana as the senior cricket coach, and was also named Assistant Coach to the West Indies senior female team, while Assad Fudadin played for the Jamaican regional team, while Akshay Homraj playing for the USA at the international level.
The club’s 10 cricket teams successfully completed more than 300 personal development activities on their own, as demanded by club managers each year. The club distributed a total of 8,917 food hampers under the Basil Butcher Trust Fund, COVID-19 Response program, Lorenzo Johnny Memorial Fund, and Christmas 2020 Outreach program. A total of 2000 lbs of food aid and a combined $ 2M worth of masks were distributed face, cleaning detergents and detergents, along with a large amount of clothing, footwear, educational materials, clocks, electric fans, toys and sports gears for over 60 NGOs, public organizations, churches and schools, including Williamsburg Health Center, Little Feeding Program Angels, Port Mourant and Mibicuri public hospitals, Upper Demerara Cricket Association, Corriverton Links Football Club, Berbice Police Stations, St. Roman Catholic Church Francis, Rose Hall Town Council, and Guyana Fire Service.
A combined 213 young cricketers across the country received support from RHTY & SC in the form of cricket gears, bikes, school bags and uniforms. Under a special program – the Lorenzo Johnny Memorial Fund – a total of 200 food hampers were distributed along with dozens of school bags in memory of the murdered businessman Rose Hall Town in February, 2020. Among dozens of programs run by the club in the year was National Grade Six Award Scheme, CSEC Award Scheme, COVID-19 educational programs, Naeem Nasir Memorial, DTV-8 Mother of the Year, Walter Nero Father of the Year, Gregory Gaskin Berbice Sports Award, Busta Children’s Mash Parade, Say No to COVID-19 posters, Say No to Crime stickers, Youth Information Booklet, Annual Club Review Magazine, Rose Hall Town Public Beach Cleanup, Major Restoration of Club Office, Tribute to Medical Professionals, Tribute to Retired Teachers, Tribute to Enforcement Officers the Law. , Teacher Tribute, Bee Spelling Competition, Essay Contest, and Republic Bank School Luggage Program.
RHTY & SC also assisted dozens of sporting organizations, especially cricket clubs, with cricket balls, score books, trophies, medals, gears, and also co-sponsored twelve sporting events, including a female football tournament. During the year, the club celebrated its 30th birthday by holding a wide range of activities from 1 August to 31 September. The highlight was honoring longtime members, always renaming RHTY & SC Cricket X1, Elderly Breakfast, Gregory Gaskin’s Dolphin Award Scheme, Ansa McAl Excellence Award, Pay It Forward Program, and Basil Butcher Trust Fund. The team also assisted six families whose homes were destroyed by fire or natural disasters.
The successful year was completed with the running of a multi-million dollar Outreach program and the sixth Annual Christmas Village. A total of 1036 food hampers, 5103 Christmas toys, 500 Special Christmas packages, and 300 Elderly breakfasts were among the items shared, while a wide range of organizations also received support, including three orphanages.
Foster cited the hard work and commitment of BCB executives as the main reason for the club’s success in 2020, along with media support especially NCN, DTV-8, LRTVS, CH 10, NTN, Guyana Chronicle,>, Stabroek News, Kaieteur News, Newsroom and CH12. The work of the club would not have been possible without the support of over 400 donors, of whom Foster noted that over ninety percent were non-financial supporters. Particular reference was made to Bakewell, Metro Pepsi, Farfan and Mendes, Namilco, Poonai Pharmacy, DDL, Guyana Beverage, Ansa McAl, F and H Printery, Nand Persaud Co. Ltd., Modern Optical Services, Panthera’s Solution, CCI, KSM Investment, Len’s Craft, Odyssey Transportation, Edward B Beharry, Andana Homes, King’s Jewelery, Food for the Poor, Star Sports, V-Net Communications, The Gift Center, John Lewis Styles , Bounty Farm, John Fernandes Ltd, Ming’s Products Ltd, GNNL, Bissan Trading, Fitness Express, Trophy Stand, Dr. Tulsi Dyal Singh, 4R Bearings, Ministry of Natural Resources, GuyOil, PPDI, Republic Bank, GBTI, Demerara Bank, Mike’s Pharmacy, Office of Small Business, GO-Invest.

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