– starts by contributing to TRT Primary School

With its ten cricket teams, Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY & SC), MS, kicked off last Tuesday on completing 715 activities for 2021 by donating $ 75,000 to Rose Hall Town Primary School.
The donation was handed over to the school to Headteacher Ms Hollis Schwiers during a simple ceremony at the club’s ‘H’ Area.

Assistant Secretary / CEO Simon Naidu, Office Manager Joel Pike and Jonathan Rampersaud pass the gift on to Principal Hollis Schwiers

The donation includes a high-pressure water pump, water kettle, football, lawn tennis racket, face shields, sanitary bottles, large pencil sharpener, face masks, and a large amount of stationery. Stationery includes paper files, pens, pencils, markers, sharpeners and erasers, among other things.
Ms Schwiers expressed her gratitude to the club. He said RHTY & SC has always been very supportive of their school, and wishes the teams all the best for a successful 2021.
Club Secretary / CEO Hilbert Foster has said that Rose Hall Town Primary School and the sports club enjoy a very warm relationship. The school produces many cricketers for the club, while it also hosts the annual Christmas Village organized by the ten cricket teams each year.
The RHTY & SC’s ten teams are: Poonai Under 12 & 13 Pharmacy, Bakewell Under 17’s and Mendes Pharmacy, Pepsi Under 19 and Intermediate, Metro Female, Namilco Under 21 Thunderbolt Flour and First Division.
The club successfully completed 707 activities last year.
Foster said the activities planned for this year would be conducted under a wide range of sub-headings, including sport, education, charity, community development, youth development, coaching, religion, anti-crime, anti-drugs , anti-suicide, and personal development, among others.
He said special emphasis would be placed on developing club cricket teams, recruiting new members and exposing them to various training programs, expanding the essential Say No / Say Yes Campaign, and further upgrading the ‘H’ Ground and Office Area .
On Friday, the Teams would also hand over another gift to Outpost Rose Hall Town from Guyana Police.

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