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Rose and James are passionate about Guyana’s chances

Delroy James

Stanton Rose Jr.

Kaieteur News – Stanton Rose Jr., captain of Guyana’s senior men’s basketball team, along with co-captain Delroy James, are both confident that the 12-man squad selected can continue to make history for Guyana when they touch down at El Salvador for their first-ever appearance at the CONCECABA pre-qualifying for the International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA) 2023 World Cup.
Rose, during an interview with Kaieteur Sport, shared his thoughts on the composition of the team leaving Guyana on April 12, “I feel good about the team, we have the pieces we want but I think we may need another pure shooter but that’s what the coach gave us and I’m confident in his decisions and the ability of our players to get the job done because we have just about everything in the squad. ”
Despite being surrounded by a few more experienced players, Rose is unimpressed by the expected pressure and shared, “It’s going to be a bit challenging but as long as we can communicate with each other we’ll be fine.”
Delroy James, back in Guyana since 1993 at the age of seven, beautifully revealed to Kaieteur Sport, “It’s surreal to be back here especially after traveling the world, I’m happy to return to my roots and to play for my country. Helping them (Guyana) take their game to heights is a very precious moment for me. ”
“We have a really good team and I think we have to take it one game at a time and we will be able to compete and make the next stage of the world cup qualifying games.”
Although Stanton was younger years younger, James has 100% confidence in the young man, “He should be the captain, he’s been in the system for years and is the future of Guyana basketball. I still think I can learn from him about Guyana’s style of team play and don’t know everything but I’ll try to help him as much as I can by sharing my experience. ”
Despite a lot of criticism about the last 12 players, James, who has a lot of success in European football, said, “I’m happy about the make-up of the squad, it’s a little crazy that it was cut down to 12. wish he was 14 because we lost out on two really good players but it shows how crazy the depth of our squad is when two good players are left behind.
Initially, Guyana was set against hosts, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica but a late bid from Jamaica has now seen the number of teams in the first round of qualifying matches move to five. The teams will compete in one-off robin matches with three out of the five teams progressing to the next round of qualification.
Guyana will end the competition when they clash with Nicaragua on April 15 from 21:00 hours then play Jamaica the next day at 18:00 and then El Salvador on the 17th at 21:00 hours before their last match in against Costa Rica on the 18th at 18:00 hours.
Partners making the team’s participation possible include JHI Associates, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, E-Networks, Nigel Hinds, Hand-in-Hand, Atlantic Mining Supplies, American Airlines, Rima Guest House and Sleepin International.