Thanks to Guyanese supporters for support

By Timothy Jaikarran

At the end of it all, Guyana remained unbeaten in the FIBA ​​Mid-America World Cup and Former Caribbean Predators 2023. They were unable to book into the top three to advance; nevertheless, the captain of the side, Stanton Rose Jr., said he had gained a lot of experience despite the team remaining unbeaten.
Rose was one of the team’s top performers. He scored a total of 74 points over the four games, averaging 18.5 points per game.

Stanton Rose Jr.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, Rose was asked to comment on the team’s results, and said, “The experience was fantastic. Through this tournament, I learned a lot, and took them seriously. As for the loss, he started off the court, had little chemistry there, and translated to court (performance onwards).
“We were scarce everywhere, and we needed to get better at everything. Some positives of the tournament would be that we fought hard, improved (with) every game, and now we know what to work on to be better for another tournament. ”
Rose noted that Hercules Junior Head Coach always stays positive throughout. He reiterated that people often forget that the basketball game is a team game, and there are things that court players do that contribute to loss.
Rose relayed that Hercules tried his best, though things didn’t work out. However, he says, it’s all part of a life process and the team would have to move on from the past and look towards a better future.
When asked about his personal game, Rose added, “It was rough for me, but I learned more about leading a team. Some of my highlights were making winning decisions and keeping the team together. For me, the lows would not give us a win, not a leader for the whole game. ”
Rose also thanked Guyanese fans for their love and support. He said that despite it all, he loved them and apologized for the team falling short.

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