Rudolph and Rosamund Benn – Stabroek News

Rudolph and Rosamund Benn are this week’s Stabroek Business “fruit and vegetable personalities”.

Rose found her entrepreneurial calling in the manufacturing sector, her product line including Virgin Coconut Oil, Pepper Sauce, and Fruit Mix, all fruit-based products manufactured and traded under the trading name ‘Pomeroon Rose.’ Her home and manufacturing center is at Grant Wide in the Pomeroon River.

Rudolph on his way to the Charity Market

The Pomeroon Rose brand can be found at various popular food outlets in Georgetown, and Linden and at markets in Moruca and Charity.

Rudolph, Rose’s husband, is a farmer who grows and markets various fruits and vegetables and both are generally regarded as an entrepreneurial team.

The couple have been married for 39 years and have five children.

In the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables Stabroek Business greets Rudolph and Rose’s entrepreneurial team.