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Say one thing, act in another world


Kaieteur News – Reference is made to the article titled, “Legislative reform for the oil and gas sector will not be done alone – Attorney General” (KN January 11). A few thoughts and observations are shared.
The new PPP government has rebranded itself: the marketing is phenomenal and powerful. Listen carefully and something becomes clear: the party’s headlights all say the right thing, those comforting, even exhilarating, things that are excellent; but then there is reality. It has been this way from the level of His Excellency, the Hon. Vice President, and now Hon. Attorney General of the land. There are others who follow their lead. They talk a good game, because they’ve learned that words are cheap and have no meaning, except in the moment, and then it goes to the usual behind-the-scenes kidnappings.
The president likes to talk about transparency, but examines the record and there he is: the only things he’s been transparent about are the ones he’s left alone, the ones he’s not getting close to them, it avoids them like the pandemic. . What about a few revelations, Mr. President on the things he and his comrades promised? Like withheld reports? Like regulations that have been quietly moved under a watch? As for the real number one, the Hon. Vice President, it raises a storm, but they all fill up but, unlike the dental ones, there’s no pain, just anticipation falling flat. Because on the issues that are important, sensitive and timely, the Hon. Vice President is anything but. He is silent, communicates with the spirit world for guidance, and is the perfect example of those who have something to shelter. I’d say those are things Guyanese people should know, and yesterday. Not just when the political potentates feel they should throw a holiday parade of information at them. As I said, these fine fellows have retracted their steps, analyzed their communication errors, and now delivered their images and rehabilitation messages to Guyana. There is no word wrong. If the PPP government was a public relations firm, it would be unbeatable and collect all the business.
And that is what the Hon. The Attorney General did when he went on air, and gave the business to Guyanese art. That would be from sweet, soothing words heading in a certain direction. The honorable one is reported to have said many things in that radio interview, such as modernizing oil and gas sector legislation to protect the environment, promoting local content policy mandates, and ensuring that the sector is controlled by technocrats and not politicians. Not only is that more than a mouthful, but it’s also absolutely delicious, as the wise man (in Guyana, we call them ‘smaaatmaaan’), intended it to be . There is nothing to tackle the big one, as it has crossed the tees and dotted the eyes. From my point of view, though, the learned Attorney General is just a Guyanese juk in the eye.
I’m tendering this, because on the environment, Exxon is free to do as it pleases (and does); on the EPA, it’s somewhere around (except it’s largely meaningless in the rush of events); and on this slick one slipped over Guyanese about ‘technocrats and not politicians to run the sector, I quickly discovered the legal, ah, enlightening ones, trying to pull a fast one. There will undoubtedly be technocrats, but who and to what standard can I ask? To ask and answer, they will be hand-picked and from specific oil and gas forecasts, as properly determined, educated and recommended, so that there are no misconceptions, no boats to rock any boats, and no independents speak out of them turning and taking matters into their own hands. They will be from what we have now in the EPA and elsewhere, where men and women are on a lockdown with political thinking and political objectives. Perhaps, I should be more specific and say those unique to the property of His Majesty Oil, the VP. Sure, the technocrats will be there, but with their standing orders and canned scripts, and their history thereafter. Hold me accountable (the president should follow suit) on this one.
It would have been useful to hear from the AG of civil society (not the craven private sector). And while I am, there are some ordinary people – poor, cross-sectional, and exciting – to be part of that eclectic oil and gas mix. In fairness to the AG, he took shelter under that bespoke camouflage “it’s a work in progress.” Well done, sir. To my fellow Guyanese, I say good luck with this golden goose; with some luck, they wouldn’t have roasted them for crisps.

Lall GHK