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Scandalous human beings in the world found in Guyana in 2020

Kaieteur News – Let’s start with one of the AFC’s top leaders that the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) has allowed its reputation to damage, perhaps permanently. What dystopian form, dysfunction should be broken down as soon as possible. To think that this is a high authority constitutional body that rejects even a half baked inquiry into dangerous reprimands.
In a virtual meeting of the AFC leadership, one of his bigwigs proposed a solution to the perennial ethnic curse of Guyana – splitting it into Indian Guyana and Guyana Africa. In a column and two references in other articles on this page to this evil, I quoted the name Dr. Vincent Adams opposed this solution. So far, the ERC has remained untouched.
So we have a sitting MP who advocates partition and the ERC is not interested. But the same ERC connects to ordinary people when they mouth their moments of inconsistencies. In a forthcoming column, I will reveal ERC commissioner Barrington Braithwaite about the racially motivated things he wrote in the Chronicle in 2020.
2- Joseph Harmon, former commander of army intelligence during Walter Rodney’s presence. He subsequently became a lawyer and is now the leader of the opposition. The satirical column in this newspaper, “Dem Boys Seh” refers to him as “Lil Joe” and “Joe Shanlin.” Mr. Harmon made three performances that were so sordid that they certainly disqualified him from ever being president of this country and that such an event never happens. First, he exhibited a special power of divine perception.
He told the nation during his party’s five months trying to derail the election that the votes of members of the security forces were not counted because stampless votes were cast aside. Harmon could not have known that and no one in the world could know this even if he has the 440,000 votes in the March 20 election for them to go home to examine. The answer is that Harmon could not have found security personnel Xs when the recount began because those votes were the same for the civilian population and mixed among the rest of the votes nationwide.
Second, Harmon justified the hiring of an American company in the name of the Government of Guyana to sell the APNU + AFC victory to the American political establishment. The Guyana government did not challenge the 2020 election. Most shocking about this solid PR affair was the revelation by the PNC leader, and the then head of government, David Granger, that he, Granger, did not know about hiring the company public relations.
Finally, in September, as part of a broader plan or conspiracy, Harmon traveled up to Region Five and urged PNC constituencies over the murder of two Black youths. Harmon and Granger turned a sociological crime into a political event causing innocent Indian people to be beaten and robbed during which Region Four and Region Six were cut off from Region Five.
3- Raphael Trotman. Did you watch the latest Fareed Zakaria presentation on CNN? He touched on a subject that is as old as time. He put the image of two Republican senators on screen and claimed the American election was rigged. Zakaria said to think that these two men were constitutional experts. In times of violent political strife, the most rational rejects of emotions are educated people. In violent partisan wars, the educated mind is the most dangerous item on the ground.
In 2020, Trotman embarked on two self-destructive paths that we must reduce from society at large. First, he ridiculed CARICOM’s small islands as too small to understand the importance of hundreds and thousands of votes. This was during the time he and his PNC / AFC colleagues were claiming victory.
Secondly, he was the man who told the world that Guyana, the Chief Returning Officer (CEO), has the only constitutional authority to issue the numbers statement for an election statement, a report that no one has the authority to constitutional or legal to overturn (see my column on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, “Raphael Trotman’s crass ignorance.” The world has now seen Trotman sing the most dangerous demagoguery unfit for a man The world has found Trotman wrong The CEO numbers have been rejected because, unlike what Trotman told the world, the CEO has no constitutional and legal power of ‘ In Guyana rejecting the CEO’s report, Trotman lost state power perhaps never to regain it.
4- Khemraj Ramjattan – space is over. I will continue this starting with this gentleman.

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