Skerritt, Shallow was elected unopposed as CWI President and Vice President

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Ricky Skerritt and Dr Kishore Shallow have been re-elected unopposed to the posts of President and Vice President in Indian Cricket West (CWI).

They will serve a second two-year term. Yesterday, the re-election process took place as one of the key items on the agenda of the 22nd Annual Meeting of CWI.

Skerritt said: “I am humbled and honored to be re-elected to serve as CWI President for a second term.

I take the responsibility of leading the Board of this prestigious organization, most seriously. We have a lot of unfinished work to do, and we renew our pledge to work tirelessly to help deliver sustainable improvement, both on and off the pitch, for West Indies cricket. ”

Dr Shallow said: “I am once again grateful for the continued support of the member representatives for Ricky and myself. This re-election is a victory for West Indies cricket as we continue on the path of growing the game across the region, and achieving good results at all levels and at all levels. ”

In addition to the election for President and Vice President, the following persons were duly elected as CWI Member Directors:

Conde Riley – Barbados Cricket Association
Calvin Hope – Barbados Cricket Association
Bissoondyal Singh -– Guyana Cricket Board
Hilbert Foster – Guyana Cricket Board
Wilford Heaven – Jamaican Cricket Association
Dr Donovan Bennett – Jamaican Cricket Association
Enoch Lewis – Leeward Islands Cricket Board
Leon Rodney – Leeward Islands Cricket Board
Azim Bassarath – Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board ”
Arjoon Ramlal – Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board
Julian Charles – Wind Islands Cricket Board
Dwain Gill – Wind Islands Cricket Board

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was conducted almost via video conference.

Each of the Territorial Board Member Associations was fully represented.