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Some people need a buzz!

Dem Boys Seh…

Kaieteur News – Dem boys are hoping Uncle Frank nah has been in the same class as de man wah bin seh dat 34 at the age of 65. Uncle Frank is hoping to give 40,000 vaccines over tea next week. But dem boys weak remind that dat has only 152,000 doses of country. And dat is only good for 76,000 people since everyone gates for two doses.
So if he did, put more than 36,000 and that he hopes to distribute another 40,000 weeks, that it will happen to 36,000 people when it comes time for a second dose.
Dem boys laugh when dem hears a bout target of 40,000 over tea the next few days. Dem boys hear Prezzie seh how dem is aiming for 10,000 shots a day. But dem can’t even reach half of the original 7,000 shots a day. So how do I make 10,000 shots a day?
Dem boys hope dem knows what he’s doing and starts shutting down south place. Dem pulls people to de Station fuh breaks south curfew But dem dem seh once dem gate defaulters repeat is time fuh remove my license. Is den every nightspot dem putting themselves in order.
Dem boys seh nuff of dem teh nah people feel dem die of COVID so dem is having a good time and precaution nah tekkin. But some of needy fuh are accused fuh is an accessory to murder because someone has to ketch de virus and carry it home and pass it on to nuff ah dem old people dead.
Talk half and go and be vaccinated!