Some questions relevant to Hamilton Green

Dear editor,

In other media, Hamilton Green questioned Mr Sam Hinds, the former President and Prime Minister, to explain what Hinds did) “to raise Afro-Guyanese.” I am not speaking for Mr. Hinds. He can speak for himself. But I have a reality check for Mr Green, 86 years old. As a historian and political analyst and student of Guyana affairs, Sam Hinds did much for Africa, far more than most African leaders did for them. He helped save the national economy after two decades of economic malice and starvation. Turning the economy has been of great benefit to Africa and other ethnic groups. While other leaders in Africa placed Blacks and the nation in deprivation, Hinds helped transform their lives, reducing poverty and eliminating hunger.
Hinds are no bandit, no electoral criminal, no murderer, unlike many other African leaders who rigged or attempted to rig elections and who ordered the murder of Africans like Rodney, Koama, Dublin, and even prominent individuals of other ethnic groups . Hinds condemned electoral fraud and obviously angers Green, who was part of a fraudulent government for many years. Hinds is a role model, an example to Africa, on character, integrity, honesty, and professionalism, and good governance.

Green asked Hinds if he is qualified to speak on behalf of Africa. The same question can be directed to Green – who can speak on behalf of an Afro-Guyanese? Hinds is far more competent because of his life of morality and decency. No one can accuse Hinds of murdering anyone or releasing thieves on political opponents or using food and sports equipment as political weapons.

Green says that what happened in Guyana from the 1960s as a result of the Cold War needed to be understood. Does the cold war justify rigging elections and murdering political opponents? Does it justify apartheid as a racial or minority rule in Guyana? How can the White man be condemned for racial control in South Africa and Rhodesia, while Green is justifying rigging and racism in Guyana because of the Cold War?
Green asked what Hinds did for Afro-Guyanese? The same question can be asked of Green who held the second highest position in the country, PM, though he and the PNC were never elected to his office (alone). What productive measures did Green implement for Africa?

Green claimed that Hinds did not speak out when what he claims was hundreds of Africans killed in Guyana. SN did a study that disagrees with the number of Africans killed. The paper also noted that almost all those killed were ‘criminals’ or ‘wanted’ or had connections with the ‘underworld.’ A similar question can be asked of Green – What did he do when these alleged murders took place? (He was Mayor).

He accused Green Hinds of telling Africans to forget the history of slavery in response to others who sought redress from the White man. That is not correct. What Hinds said was that it would be impossible to get compensation from the White man, and therefore, Africans should not rely on reparation to rebuild their lives. Indians, Chinese, Portuguese and Amerindians do not tie their futures to redress. Most Africans have moved on from slavery and do not condition their futures on reparation.

Clive Thomas concluded in a study that it was under the PPP government that Sam Hinds served (October 1992 to May 2015) that Africans made the greatest economic strides. In contrast, under the PNC government, December 1964 to October 1992), where Green was minister almost all that time, the standard of living of Africans and other Guyanese dropped significantly to one-fifth of what it was when Jagan was installed. took office in December 1964. The presidencies of Jagan, Hinds, Janet, Jagdeo, and Ramotar that rehabilitated the lives of Africans and the rest of the nation.

The nation has some pertinent questions for Green that can help shut down some unsolved crimes. Who shot Dr. Joshua Ramsammy? Who killed Shirley Field-Ridley? Why was he cremated so quickly? Was it to remove evidence to cover up the murder and murder? Who killed Vincent Teekah? Who killed Walter Rodney? Who planned an unsuccessful kidnapping Clive Thomas? Who rigged elections between 1966 and 1992?

Dr. Vishnu Bisram