Southern country goes for dog tea! – Kaieteur News

Southern country goes for dog tea!

Dem Boys Seh…

Kaieteur News – A long time ago, old people never liked fuh going fuh for a lil walk. Dat is because, when yuh bin is old and thrilling, dem boys and young girls bombard yuh with bricks.
Nowadays, dat nah is happening but still old people nah go fuh walking. Because now stray dogs are attacking dem. Dem stray dogs come in packs and some dem looks like the rabies dem gat. If dem bite yuh is wuss under de coronavirus.
A long time ago old dem men used to collect a walking stick. Dem used to use fuh balance. Nuff of dem would collapse without dem dem.
These days you will find men – young and old – with a walking stick. But de stick doesn’t stop dem falling. It’s fuh dem dogs stray fighting dem pun de road.
One man complains about tee amount of stray dogs dem gat pun de East Coast Road. Dem weak boys say it’s all over de place, not just pun de East Coast stra gat dogs. Southern country literally goes for dog tea.
Are there enough stray dogs around de place. Yuh can hardly walk south streets in peace without some stray dogs trying to fuh bite yuh. Dat is why nuff people walk with a stick. Is nah dem-fighting dem in. Dem needed fuh keep away dog ​​tea.
A long time ago, dem never used it to call it a walking stick. Dem used to call it a cane. One day police arrest a man in Triumph fuh getting a pair of cans instead of one. When he asks dem what de reason fuh is arresting, dem replied, “Fuh co-cane.”
Chat dogs half and no; dog lovers dem by tek yuh to court.