Speaker once again warns MPs about Facebook posts – News Room Guyana

National Assembly Spokesperson Manzoor Nadir, during a National Assembly sitting on Thursday, addressed recent complaints he had received about the social media posts of several Members of Parliament (MPs).

In his opening announcements, the Speaker said that although the posts had been done by MPs in their private capacity, he still warned that it should reflect the respect of the office they represent.

The Spokesperson said not only were the jobs done wrong on government and House business concerns, but they were flammable.

“Priority has been given in previous Parliaments where issues related to social media posts have been made. I think neither the Speaker nor the House can force members to, one refrains from posting any more and two inaccurate information, deleting all inaccurate and inflammatory posts on social media or three offers an apology in Parliament, ” said the Speaker.

“However, encourage honorary members to exercise caution with regard to the accuracy of the information you publish and to consider the responsibilities of the offices you hold and those you represent. We are here to win hearts and minds and gain respect and reinforce our credibility. We have to be honest and honest with our facts, ”he added.

In September 2020, the Speaker had issued several warnings to MPs, citing breach of privilege as a serious offense.