SQ Apparel is the official clothing sponsor for Ride Along GY – Kaieteur News

SQ Apparel is the official clothing sponsor for Ride Along GY

Ride Along GY founder Cherry Ann Greene receives one of the staff shirts from SQ Apparel representative Lawrence Griffith.

K.Aieteur News – Ride Along GY, Guyana’s first bike rental and ride company at Lot 25 Durban Street, Werk-En-Rust, recently signed an agreement with SQ Apparel (formerly SQUADRA) to be a clothing sponsor for the next two years.
As part of the deal, SQ Apparel will provide staff and customer gears including polos, T-shirts, masks, raincoats, bike shirt, bike shorts and backpacks, fully branded for Ride Along GY.
SQ Apparel, a Florida company that designs and manufactures bespoke clothing has been operating for over 20 years. The company has been providing clothing to a number of entities in Guyana for the past 13 years, Linden-based Sports Plus Store is a unique SQ clothing outlet.
Ride Along GY, the first entity of its kind in Guyana that caters to Guyanese and foreign visitors who can enjoy a ride on their comfortable bikes while taking in the beauty of the environment, is currently operating in the City but has plans to set up multiple bicycle hubs throughout Guyana.
They will provide services focused on promoting tourism, health, fitness, and a sense of community by using an environmentally friendly mode of transport.