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St. Francis Community Developers is launching three new initiatives under the $ 1B Spotlight project

Minister for Human Services a
Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud.

Kaieteur Radio – St. Francis Community Developers, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Region Six is ​​part of the $ 1B Spotlight Initiative which provides a unique opportunity through the Ministry of Human Services and its international partners, the Union European Union and the United Nations for NGOs to tackle domestic violence and other types of developmental issues at community and national levels.
According to information released via the Ministry’s social media page, St. Francis Community Developers over the past three months has been operating a number of Spotlight Initiatives across Region Six at two locations – United Bricklayers in New Amsterdam and at St. Headquarters. Francis at Port Mourant.
Both centers were set up to care for the development of the elderly and early childhood, while the Closet Dress For Success provides clothing for women and young people who attend interviews or need to dress for job success. All clothing is free of cost.
During the recent opening of two Resource Centers and a Costume Closet for Success at St. Francis HQ Complex in Port Mourant in Region Six, the Minister for Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud stated that they are committed to working with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who work tirelessly to safeguard the welfare of the vulnerable including the elderly and children.
NGO coordinator Alex Foster and his team’s efforts to support and improve the lives of vulnerable people were recognized and commended by the Minister. The Minister praised Persaud and thanked the NGO for their strong efforts in the communities to tackle violence, and other issues. He also noted that early childhood development was a focus for the Ministry.
“It means we know the children from birth to about six to eight; they benefit greatly from teaching, from training, from exposure … We focus on their cycle, economic and emotional development as well; we focus on their physical development, ”added Minister Persaud.
He further elaborated that the content available to the children will also be addressed to ensure that the quality of information is conducive to healthy learning.
To this end, the Minister for Human Services announced that the Ministry in collaboration with UNICEF will work on increasing the reading material to include more local stories and scenarios currently available.

Dress for Success is one of the new initiatives
by St. Francis Community Developers.

“So we’re going to move to making the material available nationwide before children hit the formal education system, that gap between birth and school is provided through early childhood development,” said the Minister.
He added, “And only if the community is bringing up a child can children grow the right way and develop in the way we want them to, so I’m very happy that the Early Childhood Development Resource Center will serve quite a number of communities. ”
Meanwhile, Minister Persaud underlined the Ministry’s commitment to improving the lives of the elderly, and praised the NGO for opening the Resource Center for the elderly.
“We know that people are living longer, so you want them to have the best possible quality of life in their twilight, as we like to call them. The Resource Center will also benefit from our training program, in that we will blend what you have here with what we can offer so that more people can get out there and fill the need. it exists all over the country, ”Persaud revealed.
He also touched on an issue he is passionate about – elder abuse.
“I know a lot of people don’t like to talk about it. But many elders are at home on their own, many elders also live with their families, and they are neglected, they have no food, sometimes the shelter they get barely sufficient to meet their needs, ”the Minister said.
As a result of these experiences and circumstances, the Minister stated that her Ministry will launch an aggressive campaign to sensitize and educate people, families and communities on this social illness.