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“Stop all promotions” – the Police Service Commission is dealing with upcoming issues

Seven senior cops have written the Police Service Commission to stop promotions.

Kaieteur News – Seven senior police officers have written to the Police Service Commission (PCC) through their attorney, CV Satram, demanding that all promotions be suspended until disciplinary matters with which they relate are concluded .
All the ranks have senior positions and have issues that go so far back in 2016.
That request was formed on the basis that the PSC allegedly used the forthcoming issues with which the ranks relate as a direct means of stifling their promotions.
“The Commission alone has the power to promote our client (s) and has relied, as it does routinely, on these proposed investigations to deny the promotion they would otherwise have secured,” he outlined attorney in the letter, dated Thursday, December 17, to the Chairman and Secretary of the PSC.
As is usual around the Christmas season, cops are being identified for promotion and the complaint ranks among the selected. The PSC, on the recommendation of Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie, is responsible for promoting the ranks but at the same time, the Commission is also dealing with disciplinary matters.
The ranks considered it “fundamentally unfair” to the Commission, which has ultimate responsibility for adjudicating disciplinary complaints, delaying completion of that process and at the same time relying on those who are waiting to investigate the denial of promotion “to those otherwise entitled. to be considered for promotion. ”
Further on, it was stated that “The Commission must not weigh the allegations in considering whether to promote and in the circumstances, given the length of time investigations continue, the complaint should be dismissed by the Commission in its deliberations. ”
“The promotion of younger or less qualified ranks will be the result of your conduct,” the letter also noted, adding that “such appointments would be clearly contrary to the Constitution to which you are bound and whether the Commission would go on to make such appointments in front of our clients, we will be forced to institute legal proceedings against the Commission to vacate all appointments. “