Students happy with better CXC grades

STUDENTS across the Caribbean who had paid for reviews of their 2020 Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) exams were delighted when they visited their student portal on Monday and saw an improvement in their grades.
In a statement, CXC said it has so far released 80 percent of the final results for the 2020 Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).
The statement also noted that the council is currently in discussions with Education Ministries across the Region to “finalize details” for the 2021 exams, and will reveal more information on this in a few weeks.

The ambitious doctor, Nikhil Sankar, received better grades in three of his CAPE subjects

It was reported that whatever results were completed have been sent to the different countries since Thursday, while students can access their new results on the CXC portal from Monday.
“We have released 80 per cent of the final results and are working hard to complete the rest. As of December 31, 2020, the final results were shared with CXC Local Registrars and on January 4, 2021, CXC will release degrees to students through the online student portal, ”the statement said.
When contacted, local Superintendent of Examinations Sauda Kadir-Grant said he could not say whether Guyana had as yet received all of his final results for the CXC exams.
“I know there may still be a few cases that CXC might be looking at.

We’ll just go with what CXC has stated, that 80 per cent is complete, ”he noted.
Despite the release of preliminary results for the CXC 2020 exams since September 2020, Guyana has never been declared a “best performing student” for the exams, due to the unprecedented number of reviews requested by students about them.
Due to delays in completing the reviews, CXC has not yet declared official exam results.
As the revised results have begun to throw in, many students who have received better grades say they are ecstatic to see the fruits of their labor, happy to know that their unwavering belief in their abilities was in vain.

“I feel that my hard work is now recognized and awarded with a fairer grade even though I think I deserve a Grade One but I’m happy with the change,” said Jeremy Singh, of Coleg the Queen, who received an upgrade to Grade Two in Applied Mathematics, wrote at CAPE.
He is still awaiting the ruling on two other topics he had asked to review.
Ambitious physician Nikhil Sankar received better grades in three of the eight subjects he wrote in CAPE, moving up one grade level in each case to obtain an additional two Grade Two and One Grade.

“I feel a little relieved, knowing that some justice has been done. However, I am not entirely satisfied. I don’t think so [it] is a complete correction, ”expressed Sankar, who has other subjects where the ratings have not been changed. Nevertheless, Sankar has since been accepted into the medicine program at the University of Guyana (AS) and has progressed from the wrong CXC graduation.
“I’ve already completed one month at university. So these changing degrees will have no significant effect. I’m more concerned about the impact on the Lower Six and CSEC students, ”he said. Other students still hope they would receive changed grades when the remaining 20 percent of final results are released by CXC in the coming weeks. In the 2020 examinations, CXC faced an unprecedented influx of over 21,000 review requests and over 3,100 inquiries. The body received a total of 10,055 requests for subject review at CSEC and 11,551 requests for subject reviews written in CAPE. The numbers represent a review of 1.8 percent of results for CSEC and 9.67 percent of results for CAPE. The requests for review at CSEC represent an increase of 1,200 percent over 2019, and for CAPE, an increase of 900 percent from the previous year. In addition, the organization received a total of 2,174 results inquiries for CSEC and 945 results inquiries at CAPE, both staggering compared to previous years.