Suriname will guarantee all visitors even if COVID is negative or vaccinated – Demerara Waves Online News- Guyana

Last updated on Saturday, 10 April 2021, 12:47 by Denis Chabrol

Passengers bound for Suriname by ferry would not be allowed to board the ship unless they had a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) result taken within 72 hours of departure, Ministry of Health said Guyana.

Further, Guyanese authorities said even if travelers are COVID negative and vaccinated, they must be quarantined on arrival in that neighboring country

“From April 10, 2021, everyone traveling to Suriname will be required to quarantine for seven (7) days in a government-approved quarantine hotel or guesthouse,” the Ministry of Health said here.

The Ministry of Health said “at this time, travelers are not exempt from quarantine, even if they are tested negative for COVID-19, recovered from COVID-19 and vaccinated for COVID-19 .

For more information on the approved hotels / guest houses in Suriname, click the link februari-2021-quarantaine -ommodaties-v7.pdf

Suriname reluctantly reopened the South Drain-to-Moleson Creek ferry crossing, wary of moving people from neighboring Brazil and Venezuela through Guyana.

Brazil has been reporting yet another surge in COVID-19 cases, largely due to a new mutation strain that scientists say is easier to transmit and die. Venezuela has also been reporting more cases and deaths in recent weeks.

While Guyana has not been able to determine the strains of COVID-19 present, the country has also seen an increase in new cases daily and a high death rate in recent weeks.