Suspect admits he killed a Swan man at home; allegations were alleged to rape a female occupant – Kaieteur News

Suspect admits he killed a Swan man at home; allegedly intended to rape a female occupant

Dying: Roy Ross

Kaieteur News – One of the two suspects arrested in the murder of a man found dead in his Swan home, Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke / Linden Highway, has admitted to detectives he is guilty of being involved in the killing.
The lifeless body of Roy Ross, 23, was found with multiple stab wounds in his living room sometime after 06:00 hours on Monday by his neighbor.
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum has confirmed reports that the suspect admitted he was involved and contacted another person who allegedly fatally stabbed the victim.
Kaieteur News was told that the suspects went to Ross’s house with the intention of “committing an unlawful sexual act on a householder”, with the expectation that he (Ross) was not at home.
This media house had reported to the father that two were last seen alive sometime around midnight on Sunday by his girlfriend, with whom he was living. The two shared a relationship and have a child together. In his confession, the suspect told investigators they had confronted Ross, upon their arrival at the house, and allegedly broke out of a fight. The fight resulted in the now-dead man being stabbed about four times across his body. He apparently received stab wounds to his elbow, chest, shoulder and abdomen.
According to information received, Ross’ girlfriend was staying with her mother but had gone to check in with her brother. They had both seen Ross walking in his yard shining the light of his torch around the area. Prior to this, the 23-year-old was seen drinking alcohol with a group of men in a shop near Swan ball field. A community member told Kaieteur News that one of the suspects was heard telling people “I just feel like killing somebody tonight”. The woman said she knew Ross well and had never been the person to “choose trouble with anyone or get himself involved in any kind of problem.”
This announcement was made to understand that the two suspects are cousins; a manhunt has been launched for another suspect. The investigation into Ross’s death is ongoing.