While the wins at the South American Swimming Championships were not as clear as they had hoped, Guyana’s Olympic swimming hopes will appear in two more meetings as they try to qualify for the Tokyo Games.
Only a few weeks after two swimmers took part in the South American Swimming Championships, the Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) is focusing on providing more opportunities for the Guyana trio to secure a place at the Tokyo Olympics.
Reflecting on Andrew Fowler and Leon Seaton’s time in Argentina, GASA President Dwayne Scott labeled their performance as ‘credible’, given the limited preparation they had.

GASA President Dwayne Scott

Jamila Sanmoogan, who missed the last competition, is expected to join the team going forward.
“I think in light of where we were in terms of preparation, the performances were extraordinary… they were credible performances. Andrew may have fallen a bit, but Leon has improved significantly. I think he has a great future in the sport. He made two great swims in the 50M and 100M for free, and Andrew made his routine in the 50M butterfly, ”Scott shared with this announcement.
Scott detailed the next steps the GASA would take to get Guyana swimmers to the world event.
“We’re encouraged by what we’ve seen, and we want to make sure it continues into the Olympics.
The road to the Olympics is going to take us through Florida, where there will be a meeting in late April, followed by another meeting in Puerto Rico in May, ”GASA President told Guyana Times Sport on Wednesday.
“The three Olympic hopefuls: Sanmoogan, Fowler and Seaton, will be at this meeting,” he assured.
With the Seaton scholarship in Florida being extended, he will be in state, waiting for the teammate to arrive.
It is expected that, if the Guyanese trio are to reach the Games, between July 23 and August 8, they will need to increase their training. In this regard, the head of GASA shared that the local society is determined to ensure that they are adequately prepared.
Scott explained, “Of course we need to increase the tempo! At this time, they have all been through what we call a tapering process, which prepares them for competition-level activity. As we get closer to the Olympics, we would need to make sure we were doing the right thing, so that they could be adequately prepared. “
The swim trio’s trips to Florida and Puerto Rico are probably funded by the American Swimming Union (UANA).
“Their trips were funded by FINA. In fact, it was funded by UANA, which overlooks South America and the Latin American region, ”revealed Scott.

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