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Task Force increases enforcement of COVID-19 security measures

The COVID-19 Task Force will increase its enforcement, Health Minister Frank Anthony said.

Kaieteur News – The National Task Force COVID-19 will increase its enforcement of the Gazetted precautionary measures, as the Government continues to increase efforts to curb the transmission of the disease.
Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony, said that as many people threw the guidelines over the holidays, preparations were made to deal with an expected increase in positive cases. However, the Task Force, through Operation COVI-CURB, will take steps to ensure that the population remains vigilant.
“I very much hope that we can get everyone’s cooperation and cooperation so that these measures can be used more effectively. Once we have it up and running, we would see a reduction in the number of cases we receive, ”said Dr. Anthony, during a COVID-19 update on Thursday.
Joint Services would also increase their visits and engagements with entities that have been breaking protocols.
“These are the types of activities, and of course you know we’ve written to a number of organizations who have broken the protocol, and we’ll revisit this. If they continue to do so then other steps would be taken, ”the Minister said.
Dr. Anthony although it may be scary to continue to adhere to safety guidelines, lives need to be saved. He noted that the pandemic was still ongoing and that the public had to adjust their minds to live in the new Covid environment.
Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips launched Operation COVI-CURB in October 2020 to ensure compliance with COVID-19 emergency measures. It benefits from co-operation among members of the Joint Services, civil society, community groups and volunteers, who use education, moral upheaval and enforcement to ensure that the public complies with measures to reduce the transmission of the disease .