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Taxi driver beating, stealing, then starting a passenger

Kaieteur News – A taxi driver, nicknamed ‘Robin,’ allegedly picked up a male passenger yesterday and took him to a location where he beat, robbed and then kicked him out of his car.
The robbery happened with violence around 01:50 o’clock. in the vicinity of Tuschen “Blacka,” East Bank Essequibo (EBE).
The passenger, who did not identify the police, had reported to the police that he had just left his sister’s residence and had taken the taxi to take him home. He also told police he could see that the taxi, a Toyota Fielder Wagon, was in dark color, before entering and giving directions to the driver. He noted that another man was sitting in the back seat but did not bother as they were driving away.
However, while in the vicinity of Tuschen “Blacka,” he told police that ‘Robin’ had taken a right turn at the junction and stopped. The passenger further alleged to police that, before he could respond, ‘Robin’ had turned and hid several times at the body. The other passenger in the back seat, the passenger claimed, also assisted ‘Robin’ by beating him. They then released him $ 20,000 cash before kicking him out of the car.
The driver then set off in an easterly direction with his assistant in the car. The matter was reported and since then police ranks have been trying to locate the car and the suspects. So far, their efforts have been unsuccessful. However, the police have committed to continue the hunt for ‘Robin’ and his assistant.