Teacher convicted of sexual assault released on bail pending appeal

Wazir Khan

Wazir Khan, the teacher convicted of sexually assaulting a child, has been released on $ 250,000 bail pending the outcome of his appeal.

Bail was granted by Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.

Khan, a teacher attached to a prominent private school, is challenging the three-year prison sentence he faces for sexual assault on an underage girl.

According to court documents seen in this publication, Khan – through his lawyer Dexter Todd – argues that he was wrongly convicted of the crime and that he demanded an early hearing of the appeal.

Khan had initially denied the charge and alleged that he engaged in sexual activity with a child under the age of 16 on March 9, 2019, thereby abusing a position of trust.

According to the facts of the case, Khan placed his penis next to the young girl and squeezed her breasts and barrel. He had been tried for the offense before Magistrate Leron Daly at Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

He was eventually convicted of the crime and jailed for three years and ordered to pay a $ 1M fine.

However, the lawyer – at the appeal – argues that the magistrate showed unlimited human emotions with the testimony of the victim who created an unfair trial for Khan.

The lawyer also argues that a magistrate made a legal error when he considered that there was a “strong suspicion” that Khan could actually commit the crime. This suspicion, the lawyer said, could not justify a conviction in all the circumstances of the present case.

Attorney Todd has approached the High Court to seek bail for Khan pending his appeal. The case is expected to be called on Friday, December 18.