Teachers aged 40 and over are encouraged to receive Covid-19 vaccines

Statement by the Ministry of Health

The COVID-19 vaccine is being made nationwide for people aged 40 and over.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) wishes to reiterate that teachers aged 40 and over will receive their vaccine. Anyone eligible for vaccination at this time is required to provide a valid form of identification (ID) when visiting the site closet.

Please note that the letter issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Regional Department of Education is no exception and does not prequalify teachers under 40 to receive a vaccine.

The MOH is urging everyone, who is eligible, to take this opportunity to be vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19 disease.

More than 100 fixed and mobile vaccination site teams will administer the first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine nationwide. Check with your nearest vaccination site for more information on opening hours and operating dates.

Fixed sites for COVID-19 vaccination are:

Region Sites
1 Mabaruma Regional Hospital
Port Kaituma District Hospital
Matthew’s Comb Hospital
Waramuri Health Center
Manawarin Health Center
Kumaka District Hospital
Kwebanna Health Center
Suddie Regional Hospital
Charity Hospital
Anna Regina Health Center
Supernaam Health Center
Hust Diren Health Center
Queenstown Health Center
Oscar Joseph Hospital
Parika Health Center
Tree Intent Health Center
Versailles Health Center
Den Amstel Health Center
West Demerara Hospital
4 Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC)
Enmore Polyclinic
Diamond Diagnostic Center
Vaccination Center (Brickdam)
Unity Health Center
Clonbrook Health Center
Herstelling Health Center
Melanie Health Center
Health Center BV
Lusignan Health Center
Eccles Health Center
Soesdyke Health Center

Private Hospitals

Davis Memorial Hospital
St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital
Woodland Hospital
5 Fort Wellington District Hospital
Bushlot Health Center
Mahicony Health Center
High Dam Health Center
Rosignol Health Center
6 New Amsterdam Hospital
Skeldon Hospital
No. 47 Village Health Center
Port Mourant Health Center
Bothers Health Center
7 Bartica Health Center
8 Mahdia Hospital
Kato (Rovering Team)
9 Lethem Hospital
Annai Health Center
Aishalton Hospital
Sandcreek Health Center
10 Linden Hospital
Kwakwani Health Center
One Mile Health Center
Amelia Ward Health Center

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