That ‘inflated’ electoral list – Stabroek News

In 2010, I wrote an article on the foreign vote in which I argued that the Guyana Constitution allowed all Guyanese citizens over the age of 18 to vote. As there is no condition of residence, Guyanese living abroad are entitled to vote. As readers would imagine, it raised some controversy. I was a member of the PPP leadership at that time. Mr Robert Corbin, the then leader of the PNCR, in a masterful demonstration of irony, accused the PPP of trying to reintroduce the foreign vote, which, incidentally, the PNC had facilitated and severely manipulated in the 1968 elections so much that voters were registered as residents of a UK horse pasture address. The PPP was forced to issue a denial. Due to the increasing involvement of the diaspora in local affairs, and periodic inquiries about their right to vote, I had expected that a foreign resident would at some point be challenged by a legal challenge for an order declaring that he / she had the right to vote and that the Government of Guyana obliged to facilitate that right. This did not emerge.