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The COVID-19 pandemic is upside down


Kaieteur News – The COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe restrictions to be placed on airline travel as well as group collections. Heads of state and various Ministers who would have been flying planes to the numerous conferences and meetings are now doing virtually all of them.
At the heart of this is that our President and his Cabinet have released a lot of time to physically address our problems locally. It is a pleasure to see Ministers daily throughout the country, sometimes in one day at warp speed at extremes, for one minute at Crabwood Creek and the next at Lethem resolving a host of issues on the spot.
The President and his Ministers receive a direct and grassroots assessment of his or her work by designated government agencies and personnel. Clogged drains, silty canals, inactive pump stations, water woes, power outages, erratic engineers, petty crime, drug abuse, larch, dilapidated community centers, poor health care service, unpaid pension payments, unsupervised house lot applications and a host of important community issues that are long neglected or given a short shift by government officials are brought to light. The President and his Ministers actually fix most of these problems on the spot or set up systems for an effective solution for those that will need some time to resolve .
This is actually a situation where the government is working for your tax dollars and perhaps upside down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reggie Bhagwandin