Alleged GuyOil fuel racket

… A client for a fuel lawyer must be compensated

Dexter Todd Attorney-in-law

Aaron Royalty Inc., the company in the midst of fuel racket allegations at Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil), has accused the State company of rejoining a verbal agreement to import fuel.
This has resulted in the importing company being legally represented and moving forward to seek compensation for the fuel it has imported.
In an interview with Guyana Times, the company’s lawyer, Attorney-at-law Dexter Todd, explained that he had sent a letter to GuyOil seeking clarification on a number of issues, in the wake of his attempts to distance himself from his client, who has alleged import the fuel upon request.
“We’ve asked them to make some disclosures to us in relation to our client and their company and we’ve given them 48 hours to come clean on some things. We believe our client is, as the days go by, moving into serious costs of having the fuel in the ship sitting at a cost in its own right, ”the lawyer told this publication.
He noted that a decision had to be made as to who would be responsible for the imported fuel.
“So we have to decide, at the end of the day, who will be responsible for the fuel here … this verbal agreement seems to have been fulfilled by one party who is our client and there is some of reneging because whatever their wrangle, I’m not too sure what exactly the inner wand is. “
This is likely a reference to former GuyOil General Manager Trevor Bassoon, who resigned from the company after he had a boardroom conflict with a GuyOil official, who is alleged to have made the verbal agreement with Aaron Royalty. That officer, questioned by the Police, has denied any role in the debate.
“We are trying to get clarification so the letter is basically for clarification on a number of issues and we hope to get those answered before we advise our client what to do and what is’ next step. The first thing to do is get clarification, because based on what we read in the media, there seems to be some sort of internal interaction between the parties.
“That has nothing to do with our client, but as it stands, there are going to be legal implications. After the 48 hours, we’ll definitely be engaging with the media on how we’re going to move forward, ”explains Todd.
Reports had emerged earlier this week that businessman Jason Aaron of alleged Aaron Realty officials at GuyOil had been contracted to bring in fuel. The businessman, however, claimed that GuyOil obtained a “sweeter” deal and subsequently canceled the arrangement, causing him to speak out.
A source within Guyana Police had confirmed that the senior officer who had contact was being questioned in relation to the matter. According to the source, the officer told Police that Bassoo brought the matter to the attention of the company during an executive meeting and linked it. At the meeting, he said Bassoo presented evidence of the officer’s complicity in the form of WhatsApp printouts showing conversations between him and the businessman.
According to the official, he denied any role in the alleged racket during the meeting and claimed he had not had such conversations with Aaron. A Police source noted that fragments of conversations between the officer and Aaron were removed from the officer’s phone, but the stated conversation was not found.
GuyOil Chairman Paul Cheong subsequently released a statement on behalf of the State company, in which he denied the claims made by Aaron. The Chairman noted that although GuyOil had had discussions with the company, the company had never been contracted to bring in fuel.
Cheong had also introduced a very complex process for the State entity purchasing fuel, a process he noted was not part of it. It was further explained that the GuyOil Board had met with the Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, who has responsibility for the agency, and was briefed on the matter. Cheong had said that during the meeting, Dr Singh had asked the Auditor General to be called in to investigate.

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