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A man accused of killing a scrap metal dealer in 2008 is being questioned by Police in connection with the killing of gold miner Ricardo Fagundes, which occurred about three weeks ago in the vicinity of Palm Court, Main Street, Georgetown.

Hours after the Police issued a bulletin he wanted for arrest on Tuesday, Rondell Bacchus, 40, also at “Killa” from C Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, surrendered to detectives at Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters ), Eve Leary.
Bacchus was slapped with a 16-year prison sentence in 2019 after pleading guilty to lesser manslaughter counts. Apparently he killed Akbar Alli. The Judge at the time had withdrawn 11 years from the sentence for time spent in prison awaiting his court case.
In light of this development, the acting Director of the Guyana Prison Service on Tuesday explained that the man he wanted was admitted to prison on August 15, 2008, for murder offenses, armed robbery and having a shotgun and ammunition. his possession.

The car found hours after the killing was burned in the form of execution

On September 16, 2009, he was committed to stand trial at the Demerara High Court and on April 2, 2019, appeared in the court where he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter and sentenced him to sixteen (16) years , eight (8) months imprisonment.
“In addition, he was further sentenced to three (3) years for the armed robbery, one (1) year for possession of a firearm and one (1) year for possession of ammunition. The sentences were concurrent and started from the date of admission, August 15, 2008, ”a statement stated.
However, Bacchus was released from prison on October 3, 2019, after serving his term in prison.

Dying: Ricardo Fagundes

On the other hand, the Police explained in a subsequent statement that CPS investigators had recovered CCTV footage of one of the cameras installed in the vicinity of the crime scene and that it was being improved for evidential.
“Further, the specific photos have been viewed by Ricardo Fagundes’ relatives during an update given to them by the Police,” said Police. Further, the Police added that, based on investigations, the bulletin he wanted was issued for Bacchus.
On March 21, Fagundes, 42, a Lot 25 Sandy Babb Street gold dealer, Georgetown, was shot about 10 times after stepping out of Palm Court to take a phone call.
Police had said after hearing several gunshots, people rushed out of the party van only to find Vagundes lying dumb in a pool of blood near his car.
Less than 24 hours after the shooting incident, Police found a white wagon, suspected to have been used by the killers, on a fire at Swan, on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway.
Although investigators have not confirmed that it was actually the same car, CCTV footage of the shooting shows the two gunmen coming out of a car of the same model and color. They used the same vehicle to escape.
Fagundes was no stranger to the law. He has been arrested several times by the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU) for interrogating him into a massive money laundering scheme. During the raids conducted by SOCU, several high-profile vehicles, boats, and several high-profile weapons and ammunition were seized.
Meanwhile, at the Fagundes funeral service, his best friend, Shaheed Roger Khan, convicted by a US court of drug smuggling, broke his silence over the execution. Khan had accused the Police of anonymously investigating the apparent execution, where he was the real target, and called on the authorities to ensure a “clean and impartial” investigation.
He also made allegations that the current investigation had been compromised. Shortly after Khan made the statement, Police refuted the murder investigation was included, noting that detectives worked tirelessly to bring the case to a close.

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